Women of the Wild

Women of the Wild

Women of the Wild is a collection of intrepid female adventurers who inspire us to get outdoors, explore, and have fun! Enjoy these hand-picked episodes and shorts that feature hunting, fishing and motorsports stories where females of all ages take center stage.

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Women of the Wild
  • A Dall for Aspen

    After many attempts, and with her 7 year old daughter in tow, will Jen finally get a Yukon Dall sheep?

  • Lady's Deer Camp 2.0

    This week Brittany carries on her Canadian tradition with her annual ladies deer camp adventure. She joins up with her friend Lauren to spend a few days traversing Albertas foothills in search of a whitetail.

  • New-Timer Success

    Mitchell 's girlfriend, Kaelan, experiences deer hunting for the first time and perseveres to harvest her first whitetail buck.

  • Lady Luck

    A year of beginner's luck for Jen Jolivette - or is it LADY luck?

  • Hunting Confessions Black Bear

    Introducing Paige Galea and her Hunting Confessions. Join Paige in Ontario to stalk black bears and learn about her hands on her taxidermy work.

  • Everything Happens for a Reason

    Kaelan hunts hard with her bow having bad luck, where later in the season things ended up working out for the better.

  • The Lesson a Hunter Must Learn

    An action-packed emotional end to Mels archery bear hunt.

  • B.C. 3 Gun

    In this episode you'll learn about the sport of 3 Gun in B.C. and attend a hands on learning event in Alberta that specifically targets women who are new to shooting.

  • Women Who Ride

    Today, women who really ride. Sledhead 24-7 heads to the deep powder of British Columbia. The ultimate in snow conditions, the best sleds and a supreme test for the 5 lucky ladies who are ready for the adventure of a life time.

  • Blood, Sweat and Tears Saskatchewan Elk Hunt

    Follow Kassandra on her quest to hunt a Saskatchewan elk.

  • Double Vision

    Jen and Kerry Shears are after two bighorn sheep with Carter Outfitting in Alberta.

  • Two for One

    Danielle takes the kids on a hunt for both moose and deer.

  • Women Anglers of Minnesota Tournament

    This week on Outdoor Bound TV. Pros Ana Leschishin and Nicole Stone take part in the historic Women Anglers of Minnesota fishing tournament on Woman Lake in Minnesota.

  • Big Muzzy Bucks

    Roger and Kaelan hunt for whitetail bucks during a primitive weapons season, where they both pull the trigger on beautiful bucks.

  • Consuming the Wild - Follow the Foothills

    Bow wielding Dianne Hunter searches the hills of Southern Alberta in search of mule Deer to serve to her family.

  • The Bear Trifecta

    Roger and Mitchell have the pleasure of helping Mike and Garrett setup a black bear bait, where they both have success and Kaelan was to follow.

  • Ladies Day Out

    Two women take to the field with Jimmy, learning about deer behavior and how to outsmart the bucks.

  • Newfoundland Grand Slam

    Jen Shears sets out with her family for Newfoundland moose, woodland caribou and black bear.

  • All Things Wolf

    Join host Shawna-Lee Enair, Byron Saul of Saul Outfitters and friends as they take on the predator population in Northern Ontario during last winter's wolf hunt!

  • Dirty Boots Outdoorz Spring Turkey

    Bob & Jaime hunt spring turkey in Midwestern Ontario.

  • Split Tines and Decisions

    Kassandras first solo archery hunt in Saskatchewan for whitetail.

  • 2021 - Day 4

    Day 4 - Six Action packed days 14 hardcore hunters, all new Bowzone Live!!

  • Day 6

    Day six of seven action packed days and 16 hardcore hunters, all new Bowzone Live!

  • Michelle Van Dams Shed Hunting Tips

    Michelle Van Dams Shed Hunting Tips