Wild Talk

Wild Talk

2 Seasons

"Wild Talk" is a one-hour exploration that dives into Canadian Hunting, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors. Our experienced show hosts Steve Hamilton and Kaylee Klassen welcome special guests to discuss national topics, entertainment, top products, and captivating human interest stories. Expect investigative reports, newsmaker interviews, and engaging features.

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Wild Talk
  • PREMIERE Wild Talk

    Episode 1

    Pilot Episode - Wild talk breaks down some of the current events and various industry news or information.

  • Elk Calling and Silver Pike

    Episode 2

    Join Hosts Ryan Kohler and Joe Eppele discussing elk calling with Travis O'Shea and speaking with Zack Brown about a record breaking silver pike catch by Ryan himself?

  • Wild Boar & Bearwatch Systems

    Episode 3

    Join hosts, Joe Eppele and Ryan Kohler, on a discussion about the invasive wild boar species and learn all about Bearwatch Systems, a unique product that could save you while sleeping out in the bush.

  • Gun Bans and Bears

    Episode 4

    Join guest host, Scott Stirling on the topic of gun bans in Canada, then we chat with Kevin Wilson about a recent attack on two people by a black bear and what you could do in a situation with an aggressive bear.

  • Hunting Etiquette and The Bowzone

    Episode 5

    Join hosts, Joe Eppele and Ryan Kohler on the topic of hunting etiquette with Darryl Legge and how they're preparing for hunting the Bowzone. Mike Slinkard, president of HECS, will also be on to talk about all things HECS with Joe and Ryan.

  • Taxidermy and Alberta Lake Restoration

    Episode 6

    Join Joe Eppele and Scott Stirling on the topic of taxidermy with Lone Wolf Taxidermy. Later, we hear from Todd Zimmerling to talk about aeration systems and more.

  • Bowzone or Die

    Episode 7

    Join hosts, Joe Eppele and Scott Stirling who chat with Bowzone Live hunters, Michelle Van Dam and Sam Halabi. Also featured in this episode is a tutorial on deer meat processing done by Logan Johnson; as well as a highlight reel for the season.