Wild Game Cooking Show

Wild Game Cooking Show

2 Seasons

Wild Game Cooking demonstrates some quick and easy ways on how to prepare your wild game. Chef Rupert Boreland, and his team of guest chefs, will introduce you to new and delicious ways of cooking and presenting gourmet-style wild game cuisine.

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Wild Game Cooking Show
  • Moose & Rabbit

    Episode 1

    Trapper Mike gets a moose and Chef Becky prepares a Moose taco, then later Chef Rupert does a quick and easy rabbit ravioli.

  • Goose
    Episode 13


    Episode 13

    Chef Rupert goes goose hunting with his buddy Russell. Then in the kitchen, Chef Rupert demonstrates how to prepare goose breast stroganoff.

  • Beaver & Salmon

    Episode 2

    Chef Becky shows Trapper Mike how to prepare a beaver burger and Chef Rupert prepares one of his favorite salmon dishes.

  • Pheasant

    Episode 3

    Chef Rupert goes hunting pheasant then prepares a quick and easy pheasant dish.

  • Venison

    Episode 7

    Chef Raffi prepares a leg of venison roast for hunter Eric and Chef Rupert cooks up some bacon wrapped venison steaks.

  • Bear
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    See how you can turn your bear into a delicious bear, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Chef Rupert demonstrates how to make Middle-Eastern style kabobs using ground bear meat.

  • Hogs
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Chef Raffi demonstrates how to debone a pig for a pig roast. After viewing a wild boar hunt in Saskatchewan, Chef Rupert prepares a delicious wild boar dish.

  • Fishing Lake Ontario

    Episode 10

    Chef Rupert and his buddy head out onto Lake Ontario where they catch a salmon and a lake trout. Back in the kitchen Chef Rupert prepares a smoked salmon and a salt-encrusted trout with black rice and a vegetable medley.

  • Bear Bait

    Episode 11

    Chef Rupert demonstrates what ingredients he uses as bait for bears. Then later, Chef Raffi shows us a quick and easy way to marinate Bear meat for a delicious dish.

  • Lake Michigan

    Episode 12

    Chef Rupert goes for a day fishing on Lake Michigan with Chef Jason Tilmann and his brother Michael of Tilmann Outfitters. Chef Tilmann goes back to the Shack and prepares a simple salmon dish then later Chef Rupert shows us his take on a salmon dish.

  • Gator

    Episode 4

    We visit an outfitter in Florida to show us all about hunting alligators, then Chef Rupert demonstrates how to cook up a delicious alligator dish.

  • Goose, Duck & Chucker

    Episode 5

    Chef Becky prepares a Goose & Duck Roast and Chef Rupert prepares a Chucker Pot-pie.

  • Wild Turkey

    Episode 6

    Chef Rupert goes hunting for wild turkey then he prepares a wild turkey dish.