West K Outdoors

West K Outdoors

13 Episodes

West K Outdoors is a hunting, fishing, trapping, outdoor series, based in beautiful West Kootenays, British Columbia. Join host Scott Benesh and guests each week on his trapline adventures to learn the latest in hunting for moose, elk, the trapping of Marten, trapping and relocation of beavers, still water flyfishing, and all that life has to offer the avid outdoorsman in the West Kootenay lifestyle.

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West K Outdoors
  • Laying of the Line

    Episode 1

    On this edition of West K Outdoors, we determine the best places to hang marten boxes based on their habitat on the new trapline.

  • Hanging of the Boxes

    Episode 2

    Jackie and Scott hang the new new marten boxes on the newly acquired trapline.

  • Friends on the Line

    Episode 3

    Good friends, Aaron and Tammy come up to help Scott and Jackie pack trails in deep snow, but a major mechanical failure change of plans.

  • Catching Displaced Juveniles

    Episode 4

    Scott's stepson Hayden White comes up to join him in some extreme weather to set some snares, and later on theyll catch some juvenile marten males.

  • Pulling of the Traps

    Episode 5

    Its time to pull the traps as the weather is warming, and mature female martens are being caught.

  • Working with Willy

    Episode 6

    Scott gets to work with Willy, pulling dead trees down on the property, and a little later on you get to meet his parents.

  • Spring Set Up

    Episode 7

    Scott makes some marten nesting boxes, and Jackie and Scott get up to the cabin in the early spring to burn garbage and debris around the cabin.

  • Cabin Restoration

    Episode 8

    Friends Bob and Steve come up to the trapline to help repair the cabin foundation and insulate the floor.

  • The Importance of Friends

    Episode 9

    Join Scott and some good friends punch trails in deep snow.

  • Brads Moose

    Episode 10

    Scott guides Jackies son Brad Pendlington , into his first moose with the help of Callum Cathro.

  • Cold November Set Up

    Episode 11

    Scott heads down to Valley Firearms to buy a compact dispatch rifle for the snowmobile. Then he hangs a lynx set and sets up the line on a cold November start to the season.

  • Punching Trails

    Episode 12

    Join Scott and some good friends as they help punch trails in deep snow.

  • Fur Buying Event

    Episode 13

    Join Kent Maitland and fellow trappers as he inspects, grades and purchases, shed antlers and prime pelts.