Unleashed Global Adventures

Unleashed Global Adventures

4 Episodes

Larysa Switlyk from Larysa Unleashed launched a new television show highlighting the trips her consulting agency books to. Her new motto is “Don’t just watch it, Live it”. Tune in each week to experience high adrenaline hunts and fishing trips all around the world that you can book too!

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Unleashed Global Adventures
  • I Got Your Goat Hawaii

    Episode 1

    Larysa Switlyk travels to the Big Island of Hawaii to hunt wild goats and Black Hawaiian Sheep. Her guide helped her catch her first striped marlin ten years ago, now hes guiding her on an active volcano for the different critters that roam this island.

  • Long Distance Elk

    Episode 2

    A tough elk hunt for Larysa Switlyk in New Mexico calls for the custom long range rifle to be put to the ultimate test!

  • Beary Alaskan

    Episode 3

    Larysa Switlyk travels back to Alaska after six years, but this time to match her skills against the weather and dangerous game it has to offer. Watch as she closes the distance on a massive brown bear.

  • Alaskan Salmon Run

    Episode 4

    This episode is from Season 1 of Unleashed Global Adventures.

    Larysa Switlyk ventures off to Alaska to fill her freezer with salmon and shares her passion of fishing with Mark who was there to help film but later couldnt take the fly rod out of his hand!