Trekkit TV

Trekkit TV

2 Seasons

A lovable gang of office jockeys takes unforgettable treks across the world to explore the great outdoors.

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Trekkit TV
  • Blue Lagoon

    Episode 1

    The Trekkit team lands in Iceland. First they stop at the world famous Blue Lagoon then head off to the mid Atlantic Ridge and fly there UAV Vincent.

  • Geyir, Vik & Gullfoss

    Episode 2

    The Trekkit team continues their trek in Iceland. In this episode they visit Geyir area, Gullfoss waterfall and head to Vik for the night.

  • Trolls of Vik

    Episode 3

    The Trekkit team continues its adventure in Iceland. They visit the Trolls in Vik, a dangerous foggy hill drive in Happy, and visit a 2500 year old glacier before starting an off road adventure.

  • Volcano Huts

    Episode 4

    Ryan, Rodney, Paul and Peter head to the Volcano Huts in Iceland. This is the event the guys have been waiting for, crossing some serious rivers with their modified Land Rover Happy. Follow the guys to see if they sink, swim, or cross the ice cold glacier fed rivers of Iceland.

  • Glacier Lagoon

    Episode 5

    The Trekkit team drives Happy during the midnight sun, heads to the Glacier Lagoon, then continues their trip in Iceland to the northern coast. Loads of road trip fun.

  • Dentifoss

    Episode 6

    Ryan, Rodney, Peter and Paul head to the most powerful waterfall in Europe which is in Iceland, called Dentifoss. They also explore hot springs and a secret cave.

  • Magnetic North

    Episode 7

    The team heads to Northern Iceland to learn about the Arctic Circle, magnetic north and interesting geological formations. The episode and season is closed with a retrospective from the team of the trip. What a life changing adventure!