Trekkit ATV

Trekkit ATV

3 Seasons

A group of mainly first time ATV owners go off road in New Brunswick where they get a bird's eye view of the ride with the use of a drone; conditions include managed and unmanaged trails consisting of dirt, dust, muck and brutal rocky trails.

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Trekkit ATV
  • Winter in the Acadian Peninsula

    Episode 1

    Quadding in Northern New Brunswick is a very unique experience, and the crew bundles up looks for throttle therapy on some of the best snow covered trails in the province.

  • Friars Nose Challenge

    Episode 2

    The crew returns to Friars Nose in the Sussex area to determine who is going to make it to the top this time.

  • Outlawz & Sand Pits

    Episode 3

    Ryan and Rodney head to Charlotte County for a fall run plus a first-time experience in the sand pits, what could go wrong?

  • Food Challenge and Race Day

    Episode 4

    What can you cook when out on the ATVs? The crew does time trails in the homemade narrow wood trail racing course.

  • Destination Big Axe

    Episode 5

    The guys jump on the bikes and head from Hanwell to the Big Axe brewery with a few challenges along the way.

  • Skedaddle Ridge

    Episode 6

    The majestic hardwood forest makes for a summer and fall run no one would never forget. These trails capture the Zen of riding and relaxing on an ATV.

  • Quest to Scum Lodge

    Episode 7

    Lack of gas and high water stopped the guys first attempt to head to Ryans uncle's fishing camp. Paul faces early mechanical issues, and can the guys find their way to the lodge?

  • Wilderness Survival Course

    Episode 8

    Wayne Russel is invited to teach his outdoor survival course to better equip the crew in case they need to spend the night in the woods with minimal equipment.

  • A Muddy Day

    Episode 9

    Bonus Episode. This episode was not intended. We happened to bring the camera along a scenic ride which quickly turn into a very muddy day.