Trailing the Hunter's Moon

Trailing the Hunter's Moon

13 Episodes

Trailing The Hunters Moon, hosted by lifelong outdoorsman, Larry Weishuhn and professional hunter and conservationist, Blake Barnett, is both a celebration of big game hunting from around the globe and a lifestyle. Experience the challenges, and the thrills of pursuing big game, as well as the adventure and the culture from many places around the world. Watching Trailing The Hunter's Moon you'll practically smell the African dust, feel the the aching muscles of a steep climb, and sense the satisfaction of making the perfect shot!

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Trailing the Hunter's Moon
  • Bulls of Trans-Pecos

    Episode 1

    Blake Barnett heads to the Trans-Pecos region of Texas to hunt one of North America's most regal of animals, bull elk.

  • Blood Moon Elk

    Episode 2

    Blake Barnett is in Texas as he continues his Trans-Pecos elk hunt experience. Having taken his bull elk, Blake now helps assist with special guest Mary Edith Stacy on her elk hunt during a full moon.

  • First Time in North Texas

    Episode 3

    Blake Barnett heads to the familiar hunting grounds of the Texas Panhandle with special guest Adam Akins of Trijicon Optics in search of big bucks and hogs.

  • True Scimitar Oryx Conservation

    Episode 4

    In a first for Blake Barnett he travels to South Texas for a special hunt for the Scimitar Horned Oryx an animal extinct in it's native homeland of Africa which now thrives here due to forward thinking Texas land owners.

  • Classic Whitetail at the Monarch

    Episode 5

    In this episode Blake Barnett heads to the Monarch Ranch for a classic whitetail rattling hunt.

  • Something About a Nilgai

    Episode 6

    Blake Barnett heads to the familiar region of South Texas on a unique hunting experience for nilgai, providing an incredible spot and stalk experience.

  • Whitetail Here, There, Everywhere

    Episode 7

    Blake Barnett heads to the family ranch in South Texas where he is joined by his mother, and together they begin a whitetail hunt.

  • Speedy Goats

    Episode 8

    Blake Barnett sets his sights on the fastest land mammal in North America, the pronghorn antelope.

  • Texas Gators - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Blake Barnett travels to the Texas coastline on a unique hunting experience for alligator.

  • Texas Gators - Part 2

    Episode 10

    In part two of a hunt on the Texas coastline, Blake Barnett along with Conservation Equity Partners complete the task of baiting and harvesting alligator.

  • Return To Whitetail - Part 1

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 18 of Trailing the Hunter's Moon.

    After previously guiding a successful hunt earlier in the year in the area, Blake Barnett returns to the Lowrance in the Texas panhandle to hunt whitetail deer.

  • Return To Whitetail - Part 2

    Episode 12

    This episode is from Season 18 of Trailing the Hunter's Moon.

    Blake Barnett continues his hunt for old whitetail deer on the Lowrance Ranch of North Texas.

  • Best of

    Episode 13

    This episode is from Season 18 of Trailing the Hunter's Moon.

    In this episode we look back at the interesting hunting experiences of the 2023 season of Trailing the Hunter's moon.