The Way It Was TV

The Way It Was TV

10 Episodes

The Way It Was TV follows hunters Sid McCullin, Lynn Beaty, Gevan Spinney and Hank Parker as they share their hunting knowledge with the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts.

The vision for The Way It Was TV is to show others the way things were when they were learning about the outdoors, and to positively impact a society that is filled with instant gratification and technology.

The Way It Was demonstrates that a strong foundation of faith, family, and outdoor traditions can still impact a person’s life for the better, just like it did when they were growing up.

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The Way It Was TV
  • Who We Are

    Episode 1

    Get to know the guys, Lynn, Sid and Gevan also known as Pa, Goat Rev, along with Hank Parker.

  • Dog-Gun-Daddy

    Episode 2

    Lynn takes his grandson out raccoon hunting. Sid and Gevan join in the hunt. The guys use their trained hunting dogs to track the raccoons. Lynn gives a valuable lesson.

  • 3 Preachers Turkey Hunting

    Episode 5

    Lynn and Sid take The Rev, Pastor John and Pastor Reggie turkey hunting.

  • Different Kinds of Fishin'

    Episode 3

    Lynn and Sid show you a few different kinds of fishing. From sitting on a bucket at a pond, to hoop nets and even in a fancy boat with technology.

  • Turkey Tour

    Episode 4

    Turkey hunting doesn't always work out the way you plan, but that doesn't stop us. We keep going because we love it.

  • Alonzo

    Episode 6

    Lynn is in the pursuit of one particular buck in Kansas. He will be hunting with a muzzle loader, and this will be his biggest buck to date!

  • New Mexico Long Bow Elk

    Episode 7

    Lynn and Sid travel to New Mexico for an elk hunt with their long bows.

  • To Kansas with Hank Parker

    Episode 8

    The guys to to Kansas for some whitetail hunting with good friend Hank Parker.

  • McCullin

    Episode 9

    This episode is from Season 4 of The Way It Was TV.

    In this episode you'll see host Sid McCullin's 2 sons hunting and Sid's granddaughter, Quinn. It's a family tradition with the McCullins.

  • Beaty Family Tradition

    Episode 10

    This episode is from Season 4 of The Way it Was TV.

    Lynn Beaty has spent a lifetime hunting. He passes this tradition down to his kids and grandkids.