The Urban Huntsman

The Urban Huntsman

13 Episodes

The Urban Huntsman explores the meaningful things that sustain us in the natural world and our culture at large; the things that feed and nurture our bodies, minds, souls and communities. We explore the vast European hunting cultures and hunters throughout its regions.

As we guide the audience back into a wilder way of life, where through encounters with wise teachers, we discover what it means to be a hunter in 2021 and ahead.

Wild food and game are pillars in each episode. Together we explore and appreciate that we are a part of nature and not just spectators.

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The Urban Huntsman
  • Chamois

    Episode 1

    Chamois hunting in the French Alps with The Urban Huntsman and Chef Carlos Bear who for the first time joins on a hunt for the game meat he often uses in his cooking.

  • NatureWise, Denmark

    Episode 2

    NatureWise is a successful Danish non-profit, whose mission is to develop childrens nature identity. We join them and visit school classes and then take to the field to hunt roe eeer, skinning, butchering and then cooking the days harvest.

  • Castello Vicarello, Tuscany

    Episode 3

    Tuscany, Italy, the world-famous region depicted in so many movies and the subject of dreams for people worldwide. Join Danny Christensen there as he visits an incredible knife maker, stays at a beautiful castle, runs to the hills in chase of wild boar and gets a cooking lesson form a next-gener...

  • Transylvania, Romania

    Episode 4

    Climbing the wild peaks in the story riddled the Carpathian Mountains, home to the most famous hunter of all, Dracula! The lines between old and new draw sharply into the bedrock of the Carpathian Mountains. Danny embarks on a journey to explore the beauty in simplicity, while visiting people w...

  • Balaton Lake, Hungary

    Episode 5

    Kristinus Wine Estate rises from the rolling hills of Balaton Lake, Hungary. The formerly depleted soils are now fruitful and bio-diverse. It's here where we chase an old roe buck.

  • Driven Hunt, France

    Episode 6

    The famous wine region of Alsace in France hides a beautiful secret in its forests. Rich in abundance and history, the hills around Kayserberg, Alsace are full of wildlife. Two friends set out to build a system to share that abundance with the rest of France, from forest to fork!Join The Urban Hu...

  • Italian Apennine Mountain Fallow Deer

    Episode 7

    After two years of anticipation, Danny can finally hunt fallow deer on his new hunting grounds on top of the Italian Apennine Mountains. Fallow deer are on the move, and he is on their tails!

  • Feathers & Fur

    Episode 8

    On a stormy January day, Danny takes a ferry to Fano Island, Denmark, to meet up with well-traveled hunter and naval captain Jesper. They hunt woodcock and rabbits with Jesper's dog and ferret.

  • Foggy Goose Hunt

    Episode 9

    Being single is not always easy but it surely does come with some advantages; For example, you wont have to hear it when you get up in the middle of the night to go hunting, most of the year! Thats the life of Stefanie and her two sons, Emanuel and Gabriel. Together with her dad, Stefanie runs DK...

  • Chef Nikolaj Juel, Denmark

    Episode 10

    Rock star, chef, hunter, cookbook author, father, fisherman and the titles go on!On the last day of October, we meet Nikolaj in a dark forest before dawn. Here in these woods on Sealand Island in Denmark, a group of bow hunters have leased a prime area for mainly fallow and roe deer.We hope to le...

  • The Ducks of Venice

    Episode 11

    When you think about Venice, Italy, you think about the fantastic city in the water, thousands of tourists, carnival, and gondolas. From this day on, Danny will remember it for duck hunting and those who came before him, such as Hemmingway. The Venetian Lagoon is a very unique and delicate ecosys...

  • Episode 12

    Episode 12

    When you hang a dead deer on your balcony in Copenhagen, even the usually quite tolerant Danes express a "What the heck?" Then when a beautiful young woman starts skinning the deer, the surprise is even greater. Mette is a personal trainer in one of Copenhagen's best gyms. She is also a hunter an...

  • The Italian Hare

    Episode 13

    "I am a hare hunter."The recurring question, what kind of hunter are you?, has always puzzled Danny.He hunts everything edible, so the notion of dedicating all of ones passion towards just one game species and hunting sounds paradoxical to him. In this episode, we travel back to the Apennine Moun...