The RVers

The RVers

3 Seasons

Discovery's "The RVers" is an informational TV series about the people who roam the world in recreational vehicles. The show's creator and producer Anthony Nalli hosts, along with full-time RVers Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard (, Peter Knize and John Sullivan (RVgeeks), and Tom and Caitlin Morton (Mortons on the Move), all of whom bring their experience, knowledge, and expertise to the series. The episodes feature segments on how to drive an RV, how to choose an RV, how to stay connected via the internet, how to live off the grid, and many other useful topics.

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The RVers
  • Non-RVer Transition/Overnighting

    Episode 1

    Believe it or not, most people whose work relates to the RV industry dont actually RV! Thats about to change for Sean as he takes possession of his new camper van. Then Anthony gets some advice on the many ways you can stop for the night without having to pay for a campsite.

  • All About Tow Bars/Hooking Up Towables

    Episode 2

    Towbars allow your car to tag along with you on your RV trip when you need more nimble wheels for around town. Also, if you cant drive your RV, then youre towing it by connecting it to your everyday vehicle one way or another or another!

  • Family RVing/Winter RVing

    Episode 3

    Adam and Celine explain the many things to consider when RVing with school-aged kids for extended periods of time. And yes, you can RV year-round in all kinds of weather, but there are many things you need to do differently or things can go very, very wrong!

  • Electrical System Overhaul/Fire and Ice – RV Refrigeration

    Episode 4

    Most RVs have come with a single lead acid battery for basic needs making boondocking a challenge. But better batteries and solar can easily take you off-grid for extended periods.Tom explains the RV witchcraft that allows your RV fridge to work using not only electricity but also (of all things)...

  • National Parks/RV Water Filtration/Inverters

    Episode 5

    Part of what makes RVing incredible is the ability to visit some of the most spectacular parts of the country for long enough to really take it all in! You can never know for sure the quality of the water youre getting . Utilizing the right filters can make virtually any water pure, clean and del...

  • Conquering New Zealand/Replacing an AC DIY?

    Episode 6

    Tom, Cait, Peter & John live the bucket-list dream of countless many by RVing on the other side of the planet. No small endeavor indeed, but fortunately theres plenty of help. The time to replace your AC will likely be on the hottest day of the year! If you cant wait for a service visit, taking o...