The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely

4 Seasons

A family-oriented blend of international and domestic adventures combined with important environmental and conservation issues. The Outdoorsman focuses on the key role sportsmen play in a sound overall game management program. Teaching kids & people of all ages about ethics, respect for nature, and a celebration of the sporting lifestyle are important aspects of the program.

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  • Hager Twins, Ted Nugent & Bear

    Buck shoots sporting clays with the Hager twins, hunts pheasant with Ted Nugent in South Dakota and then hunts Siberia, Russia for brown bear.

  • Greenland Reindeer Safari

    Episode 2

    Buck, Max and a pack of friends explore Greenland and Iceland and hunt for reindeer.

  • Zimbabwe Eland-Wildebeest

    Episode 3

    Buck & his son Max are on safari in Zimbabwe, Africa. Max takes a huge blue wildebeest then Buck goes after a last day bull eland. Conservation issues are also featured.

  • Greenland Reindeer Hunt

    Episode 4

    Greenland Reindeer Hunt

  • Brazil Sport Fishing

    Episode 5

    Buck travels to the Amazon of Brazil to explore the jungle rivers & fish for peacock bass.

  • Black Bear Hunting

    Episode 6

    Buck visits Alberta, British Columbia and the mountains of New Mexico for several classic hunts for black bears.

  • Brazil Peacock Bass Fishing

    Episode 7

    Buck visits the Amazon jungle to fish for peacock bass in the Rio Negro river. They also visit Manaus & a jungle village.

  • Buffalo Hunting

    Episode 8

    Buck is on safari for the mighty Cape buffalo in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. Then he hunts American bison in South Dakota. 3 Classic hunts are featured.