The One

The One

3 Seasons

The One is the only hunting show of its kind in the outdoor industry. The show is the first show to blend the reality/personality based programming with real hunting!

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The One
  • Birthday Black Bears

    Episode 1

    Mike and his son head to Saskatchewan to do a little fishing and to hunt black bears.

  • Heart Attack Axis

    Episode 2

    It's summertime in Texas and there is work to be done on the SOE ranch. But the axis deer are in full rut and the boys just can't resist some time in the woods.

  • Grand Slam Ram

    Episode 3

    After 14 years of sheep hunting, Mike has finally completed his North American Sheep Grand Slam. Follow along the whole journey as we recap each hunt throughout North America.

  • Whitetail Management

    Episode 4

    Mike takes you through the setup of his operation on the legendary Grigsby property and does a little early season bowhunting.

  • Mesquite Bucks

    Episode 5

    The crew takes advantage of some early season whitetail hunting in the Texas heat.

  • Illinois Rut

    Episode 6

    The rut is on in Illinois and deer are falling left and right all over the Grigsby property.

  • Target Rich 1

    Episode 7

    Mike and Uncle Randy take a little time to chase some backs in Texas.

  • Target Rich 2

    Episode 8

    Texas is a target rich environment, and the boys take full advantage of it!

  • Savage

    Episode 9

    Its shotgun season in Illinois and big bucks are hitting the ground.

  • Prairie

    Episode 10

    Mike is in South Dakota looking for one of those prairie giants they grow at Western Ranch Outfitters.