The Maverick

The Maverick

2 Seasons

From departing his busy life in Hollywood to now pursuing the thrills of big game hunting around the world, The Maverick follows host and Pennsylvania native, Freddy Harteis as he is constantly on the go to share his passion for God’s great outdoors; a thrilling sport that gives back. Share in the adventures as he trains up the next generation, invests in western conservation, and continues the legacy of the outdoors. You never know where this globe trotter will be hunting next! Tune in to see the realities unfold through the heart of the hunt.

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The Maverick
  • Big Bull Bash: Armscor and Newsom Family - Part 1

    Episode 11

    Darren Newsom returns with two of his daughters and his ballistic technician Rey for an elk hunt at the Harteis Ranch. This is a rare opportunity to watch two generations of a family who know everything there is to know about crafting world-class precision ammo, collide with a few of the oldest a...

  • Big Bull Bash: Armscor and Newsom Family - Part 2

    Episode 12

    Darren Newsom continues his elk hunt at the Harteis Ranch with his son-in-law Tyson and daughters. His daughter Sheridan, and ballistics tech Rey, had unprecedented success last week. Will this ammo producing family continue to make their mark?

  • 24 Hour Take Down

    Episode 1

    In this episode of The Maverick, Freddy Harteis sets out in a new direction with some bold goals. Come join the Maverick as he hunts for a bull elk and mule deer in just 24 hours. Will the Maverick deliver?

  • Closing the Distance

    Episode 4