The High Road with Keith Warren

The High Road with Keith Warren

3 Seasons

Whether it’s hunting whitetails in his home state of Texas or challenging the caribou roaming the tundra above the Arctic Circle, Keith captures the true essence of why hunters hunt. He is quick to point out that it’s not how big of animal we shoot on the show that makes a difference, it’s how we portray the entire experience and engage our audience that sets us apart from other programs.

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The High Road with Keith Warren
  • Oregon MONSTER Mule Deer Hunt!

    Episode 1

    Not only is Oregon home to our partner, Timber Creek Outdoors, its also home to some of the biggest mule deer in the U.S.! Keiths partnering up with Timber Creek to chase monster mulies, the only problem is the deer are at long distances. Will Keith be able to get a shot?

  • The Perfect Whitetail Rut Hunt

    Episode 2

    This week on The High Road, Keith travels to his favorite place in the world to hunt whitetail, the Legends Ranch! Watch as Keith spends days chasing a monster with his air gun and experiences some of the best whitetail activity he has ever seen! The rut is on and the bucks are fired up, but that...

  • Intense Spot and Stalk Elk Hunt!

    Episode 3

    Matti takes up one of the most mentally and physically challenging hunts of her life! The High Road team heads down to the rugged mountain country of New Mexico at Quinlan Ranch. Check out the gorgeous scenery and incredible animals on this hunting adventure!

  • Memories of a Lifetime at the Legends Ranch

    Episode 4

    This week we show you a very special trophy whitetail hunt with Keith, Matti and her soon to be husband Ryan! Check out why the Legends Ranch is a magical place for hunters.

  • Archery Black Bear Hunt in Desolate Country

    Episode 5

    Keith and Matti are back in Saskatchewan with Big Spruce Outfitters. Keith is on deck with his compound bow and is patiently waiting for a monster black bear to come by.

  • Absolute MONSTER bucks in Texas

    Episode 6

    We're back on Keiths personal ranch where we have three different hunters from three different countries all coming to Texas Hidden Springs Ranch to set their sites on some of the biggest bucks to walk the planet! Join in on these hunting adventures and experience the joy of the hunt!

  • Hunting Whitetail Bucks with a .50 BMG at Legends Ranch

    Episode 7

    Keith is back at Legends Ranch hunting whitetail and he's bringing two very special things in his life, his son Kolton and a .50 BMG! Watch as Keith and Kolton recall memories and create new ones at the best hunting lodge in North America, Legends Ranch!

  • Four Giant Whitetails in 20 Minutes

    Episode 8

    This week we're at Keith's Ranch, the Texas Hidden Springs Ranch, hosting 4 hunters from South Carolina all the way to California! They'll be going after great big typical and non-typical bucks - all trophy whitetails!

  • The Ultimate Exotics Ranch

    Episode 9

    Keith and Matti head to their favorite ranch for hunting exotics in Texas, G2 Ranch! This ranch is like a 5 star resort for sportsmen, complete with all the exotic game you could ask for! Keith starts off with Argentina Style dove hunting, then heads out to take a scimitar oryx with his 50BMG, an...

  • Helicopter Hog Hunting with 50+ Kills

    Episode 10

    What's better than hog hunting? HELICOPTER hog hunting! Today we bring you a bucket list hunt from a chopper, as Keith shows you one of the most effective ways to eliminate feral hogs, from the air!

  • Knife vs Feral Hog

    Episode 11

    Today's episode is all about hogs, first Matti starts things off by bringing down a wild boar the old fashioned way, using only a knife! Then Keith takes out a lucky contest winner on their first ever thermal hog hunt!.

  • Fighting a Prairie Infestation One Bullet at a Time

    Episode 12

    Keith heads back up to North Dakota to battle against a prairie dog infestation. Prairie dogs have infested the prairies of North America. Not only have they destroyed thousands of acres, but the holes to their dens break countless animals legs and these tiny critters are known to carry all types...

  • Giant Droptine Buck & more at Texas Hidden Springs Ranch

    Episode 13

    Were at Keith's Texas Hidden Springs Ranch as a lady hunter takes a massive 225 droptine buck. Plus, were going after two awesome black bucks with our friends from Superior Outfitters.