The EDGE Abroad

The EDGE Abroad

7 Episodes

Follow The Edge hosts Steve Ecklund, Helgie Eymundson, and Jeff Coyle as they travel the world for the biggest hunts of their lives. Nothing is off-limits.

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The EDGE Abroad
  • Slam Ram

    Episode 1

    Anticipation is high as we watch The Edge Abroad host Steve Ecklund in the final instalment of his 'Ram Slam' saga. Join him on his quest to complete this epic feat as he travels to Sonora, Me

  • Fallow the Leader

    Episode 2

    In part one of this exciting adventure, The Edge Abroad host Jeff Coyle journeys across the globe to New Zealand for the dream hunt of a lifetime. Follow his pursuit of the indigenous Fallow D

  • Stag Team

    Episode 3

    In part two of his epic adventure, The Edge Abroad host Jeff Coyle is in New Zealand to harvest the majestic Red Stag. Facing tough terrain, steep hills, and the ticking clock, Jeffs skills

  • Helgie and the Beest

    Episode 4

    Over a decade has passed since The Edge Abroad host Helgie Eymundson was last in Africa. This time his adventure begins with the pursuit of the native wildebeest in the savannas of South Africa

  • Seeing Stripes

    Episode 5

    The Edge Abroad host Helgie Eymundson's South African hunting adventure continues as he searches for plains game. Dense bush and some cagey Zebra test his skill... and patience.

  • Dangerous Game

    Episode 6

    Brace yourself for this dangerous game hunt. Facing his most challenging hunt yet, The Edge Abroad host Helgie Eymundson focuses his sights on the animal he's journeyed across the globe to pur

  • Best Of Abroad

    Episode 7

    Join us as we take a look back on the seasons best and most exciting moments across the globe.