The Chase with Ted & Amber

The Chase with Ted & Amber

11 Episodes

Ted and Amber along with their 8-year-old little girl, Kylee travel from state-to-state chasing everything from whitetails, mule deer, coyotes, hogs, turkeys, prairie dogs and whatever else they can get into. They hunt with everything from air guns, air bows, compound bows, crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. They realize each day is a gift and they try to live it the best they can in God's great outdoors. Not every hunt is easy, but it's always worth the chase.

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The Chase with Ted & Amber
  • Texas

    Episode 1

    Watch as Ted and Amber head to Texas for some prairie dog and hog hunting!

  • Wild and Wonderful

    Episode 2

    Watch this week as Ted and Amber prepare for hunting season and Kylee gets her first deer in West Virginia!

  • The Great Hike

    Episode 3

    Ted's unexpected 19.6 mile hike in pursuit of the Texas aoudad.

  • Texas Big Eights

    Episode 4

    Amber and Kylee hop on a plane to meet Ted for a quick 3-day hunt in Texas during archery season.

  • Predator Hunting

    Episode 5

    This weeks episode is all about predator hunting, showcasing clips from Ted and Ambers predator series.

  • Turkey Chasin'

    Episode 6

    Watch as Ted and Amber go from chasing turkeys for youth season to chasing turkeys themselves. Will this finally be their year?!

  • Chasing Them Ohio Turkeys

    Episode 7

    Watch as Ted and Ambers four year turkey chasing luck is about to change!

  • Down Home Hunting

    Episode 8

    Its early season in the great state of West Virginia! Weve got our bows out and were also hunting for the first time with the Umarex Hammer!

  • Chasin Them Big Ohio Bucks

    Episode 9

    This week we are headed to JC Outfitters of Ohio to chase those big Ohio bucks!

  • Hunting Mule Deer - Part 1

    Episode 10

    This episode is from Season 8 of The Chase with Ted & Amber.

    Watch this week as Ted, Amber and country music singer Heath Sanders go to hunt mule deer in Texas!

  • Hunting Mule Deer - Part 2

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 8 of The Chase with Ted & Amber.

    Ted and country music singer, Heath Sanders chase mule deer and then its off to do some airgun hunting on some Texas deer!