The Breaking Point - Shorts

The Breaking Point - Shorts

8 Episodes

The Breaking Point began with the goal of being an elite outdoor show on national television. For years, we made great strides in the right direction, we aired on several well known platforms along the way. However, in 2017, we had an idea. An idea fueled by a changing market and an adaptive audience. In the past couple of years The Breaking Point has taken digital streaming by storm. Our passion is real; our dedication is unmatched.

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The Breaking Point - Shorts
  • Start Up

    Episode 1

    Dan Schubring along with Chad and Heather Maves load down the camper and head to North Dakota for the opening week of the 2020 deer season. It is tough to beat early season whitetail action!

  • Spot n' Stalk

    Episode 2

    Aaron Skrzypczak heads to the west side of North Dakota on his first ever spot and stalk archery mule deer hunt. Opening weekend hunting traffic made for a slow few days, but that all changed after the weekend traffic headed back to work.

  • Father Time

    Episode 3

    Brennen Nading would spend the better half of September with tunnel vision chasing after a particular deer in North Dakota. After a clean miss, the encounters slowed down and he would shift his focus to another area and stumble into an awesome old buck on an exciting October evening archery hunt.

  • Eastside Double

    Episode 4

    Dylan Guelig and Brandon Schrage head to North Dakota for their first ever out of state deer hunt. The boys have a handful of good bucks on the trail cameras and anticipate an exciting start to their 2020 deer season.

  • Bull Bound

    Episode 5

    Mike Mancl and his cousin Walter have been talking about doing an elk hunt together for years. The two of them both drew archery tags in Colorado and couldn't wait to head west. Miles and miles of hiking, learning the area, and learning how to avoid hunting pressure would ultimately give Walt a c...

  • Nora's Buck

    Episode 6

    Chad and Heather Maves have done an excellent job of raising their daughters to understand and appreciate the sport of hunting. Nora, their oldest daughter, was excited to get in the woods and try and get her first deer. Little did she know, the young hunter would have a season toremember.

  • The Brothers

    Episode 7

    The brothers from Missouri, Nate and Nick Monzyk enjoy nothing more than chasing whitetails around in their home state. A season of ups and downs would culminate when Nate gets his chance on an awesome archery hunt in Missouri.

  • Three Amigos

    Episode 8

    Hunter Jacobs archery hunts his home state of Wisconsin for the better part of the deer season. The calendar flips to November and the woods come alive on another exciting archery hunt!