The Bearded Buck

The Bearded Buck

2 Seasons

The Bearded Buck is an Outdoor Entertainment Company located in Western Pennsylvania. Founder of The Bearded Buck, Jerry Tibbott, developed the idea about 10 years ago as a practical joke between himself and one of his hunting buddies but has since grown into much more. The Bearded Buck has transformed into an Outdoor Lifestyle Brand. We dedicate ourselves to not only being deer and turkey stewards, but land stewards as well.

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The Bearded Buck
  • New Beginnings in Old Places

    Episode 1

    Jerry and Austin head to Nebraska for an early season whitetail velvet hunt, something they've never done before! They're joined by Badlands Marketing Manager, Blake Vantussenbrook, in hopes of getting him on his biggest buck ever!

  • Back to Back in the Bluegrass State

    Episode 2

    After Austin's success last year in the Bluegrass state, he's looking to go 2 for 2 as he chases his biggest archery buck ever!

  • "NE" Antelope Will Do

    Episode 3

    Jerry and Austin are back in the Cornhusker state again! But this time, they're going there for antelope! This is Austin's first time ever attempting to hunt these elusive animals and patience is the name of the game.

  • Some "OK" Turkey Hunters

    Episode 4

    The Sharp brothers have never really been known for their turkey hunting success. But now, they're showing us just how easy it can be with some hard work and a solid game plan. They say "even a blind squirrel finds a nut" but at what point is it no longer luck?

  • Home Field Advantage

    Episode 5

    With the annual "turkey tour" canceled due to COVID, Jerry and Austin go "all in" on the Pennsylvania turkey season. Will they hit the "jackpot" of all turkey seasons? Or lose it all?

  • There's No Place Like Home

    Episode 6

    After starting off the fall on the road, Jerry and Austin are back in Pennsylvania to hunt whitetails on their home turf. With a whole off-season of scouting and land preparation behind them, they're hoping to cash in on all of this hard work.

  • Freedom Hunters Veteran Event

    Episode 7

    Jerry and Austin host Freedom Hunters, an organization dedicated to provide outdoor adventures to those who have served their country. These veterans will have the chance to meet fellow service members, spend time in the great outdoors hunting deer, and most importantly have fun!

  • North Dakota, Eh?

    Episode 8

    Jerry and Austin take a break from Pennsylvania's deer season and travel to North Dakota to meet up with PFC's Kirk Sherbine and his son to hunt almost everything the state has to offer! From waterfowl, to migratory birds, to whitetail deer, there ain't nothing safe!

  • Finishing Strong In Pennsylvania

    Episode 9

    After coming back from North Dakota, Jerry is looking to finish strong in his home state of Pennsylvania. With most of his target bucks becoming nocturnal, things aren't looking much better than they were before he left. The Pennsylvania archery season is closing quickly and Jerry's season is yet...

  • A Full Team Effort: Part 1

    Episode 10

    It's not very often the entire Bearded Buck crew gets together on a hunting trip, but that is exactly what we have this week! We are Nebraska bound once again to hunt whitetails with our good friend Blaine Gibbons, this time with rifles! Also, joining us on this trip is the bbq legend himself, Ch...

  • A Full Team Effort: Part 2

    Episode 11

    With half of the crew tagging out on the first day, Nebraska is off to a great start! Jerry and Austin are still holding one tag each and if their past hunting trips to Blaine's place are any indication of the success they will have, then there should be no issue getting on some more deer.

  • Iowa: The Land of Giants

    Episode 12

    Iowa has always been a state that every deer hunter dreams of going to. This week, Jerry finally gets the chance to hunt this coveted state for the first time with his good buddy Cole Herb. Cole and his wife have been hunting Iowa for years and have had a ton of success in this magical state. Wit...

  • Utah Mountain Lion

    Episode 13

    Jerry, Austin and their good friend Bob, travel to Utah on a bucket list hunt to chase mountain lions! But with tracking conditions going from bad to worse, they will need luck on their side in order to fill their tags.