Tak Driver TV

Tak Driver TV

13 Episodes

Tak Driver TV is a new concept to outdoor television. Making the consumer the star. Many of the members of Tak Driver TV are everyday average men and women from all across the nation showing their talents behind the camera and allowing you to see just how the Steady Form impacts the bow hunter shot after shot. Join us for a season full of action on the only show where the consumer is the star.

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Tak Driver TV
  • Bear x 2

    Episode 1

    Tommy and Nick head to New Brunswick to show off new Zeus broadheads.

  • Bacon Anyone?

    Episode 2

    The Tak Driver crew is after hogs this week. We go after a problem hog and in an unexpected event, a bear comes into a hog feeder, literally!

  • Bear Goat

    Episode 3

    Josh heads to Wyoming after speed goats, then Richard hunts his home state of New Jersey for black bear.

  • Face Paint

    Episode 4

    This episode features Chris Silk hunting deer and a surprise buck shows up. Also featured is Mr. Excitement himself, Richard, looking to put meat in the freezer.

  • Nicks Buck

    Episode 5

    This episode of Tak Driver features Nick Albanese going after a big buck. Vito is Tak Driver and is going after an antelope.

  • Little Man

    Episode 6

    This episode of Tak Driver features Nick Albanese who is going after another big buck. Chris Silk takes his boy on his first tracking job.

  • Live from Harrisburg

    Episode 7

    Nick and Tommy go live from the Great American Outdoor Show. Plus, Dave is hunting a buck that got away and Tommy is trying to put some meat in the freezer for his daughter.

  • The Buck and the Fox

    Episode 8

    Chris goes after a buck and Josh is stays home looking to put meat in the freezer.

  • Leon's Buck

    Episode 9

    Leon Baran and Richard Whaley are featured this week hunting whitetail.

  • Bears and Bucks Fever

    Episode 10

    Mike hunts black bears in Canada and Kim hunts in Kansas for giant whitetails.

  • Traditions

    Episode 11

    Brian Alsip and Josh Fox take their boys hunting for whitetail.

  • Fur and Feathers

    Episode 12

    This episode of Tak Driver features a giant New Jersey whitetail and turkey hunting.

  • Maryland

    Episode 13

    This episode of Tak Driver features a sika deer hunt in Maryland and then back to New Jersey for big bucks.