12 Episodes

Living our passion; these words embody our vision. We choose to live our passions each and every day, through life, business, and the outdoors! Since 2008, quality has been in focus. From some of the most creative imagery captured, to countless hours of recorded video, top quality and a unique production eye has placed Struttinbuck among the top watched shows in outdoor television. Our team lives our passion through the lens, and we share that with the viewers each week. All the while chasing big game across North America.

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  • Velvet Bucks in the Bluegrass State

    Episode 1

    Matt Cowell and Clede Spooner kick the year off in Kentucky with their friends at North Fork Outfitters.

  • Newfoundland - Part 1

    Episode 2

    Clede and his buddy, Josh Ishmael from Flatlanders TV, head to Newfoundland on Cledes annual big game hunt. Josh is up to bat first and has a caribou and moose tag in his pocket!

  • Newfoundland - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Clede wraps up his annual trip to Newfoundland with a big goal on his mind.

  • Hunting with the Hunts

    Episode 4

    Brandon does his best to shake the bad luck from last year's bow season in Arkansas and Ohio. Once gun season opens in Arkansas, he passes the torch to his youngest daughter, Reese, in hopes of tagging her first racked buck!

  • Arkansas

    Episode 5

    Heath hunts in his home state with his eye on a couple of different target bucks. After they start showing up while he is out of town, he cant get back to Arkansas soon enough.

  • Illinois Whitetail

    Episode 6

    Matt Cowell hunts with his family in their home state of Illinois. During the rut, Clede comes to town to try to repeat their luck from last year!

  • Father & Son - Part 1

    Episode 7

    Team SB carries on their annual Father and Son Hunt with their good friends at Hunt FE Hill in Texas. The area is target rich and tags are plentiful this week at The Hill.

  • Father & Son - Part 2

    Episode 8

    Team SB concludes their annual Father Son Hunt at Hunt FE Hill Outfitters in Texas before heading down to Florida to do a little gator hunting!

  • Double T Deer Hunt

    Episode 9

    Matt and Clede head down to Double T Outfitters in an attempt to redeem their deer season. After a weekend of hunting, they both walk away with their tags filled!

  • Roseland Refuge

    Episode 10

    Heath heads down to Louisiana to meet up with his long time friend, Kenneth Lancaster, to hunt and fish at the historic Roseland Refuge.

  • New York Country

    Episode 11

    Clede Spooner hunts his home state of New York throughout deer season. Once turkey season rolls around, Matt Cowell heads up to join in and fill some tags!

  • Favorite Hunts of the Year

    Episode 12

    Heath and Brandon take a look back over the past season and point out some of their favorite hunts of the year.