Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites

3 Seasons

Spiritual Outdoor Adventures, an outdoor adventure show hosted by Jimmy Sites, takes its viewers all over the world as they hunt some of the hardest game around. From a 63" moose in Alaska, to hunting with an Amazonian tribe in the jungles of Ecuador, Jimmy is always on his feet, and hot on the trail.

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Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites
  • The Alaska Mountain Goat Adventure - Part 1

    Episode 1

    Jimmy Sites draws a coveted golden ticket mountain goat tag for the Ketchikan region and goes on the hunt.

  • The Alaska Mountain Goat Adventure - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Jimmy Sites continues his quest for a giant mountain goat in the Ketchikan region of Alaska.

  • Missouri Whitetails & Survival Training

    Episode 3

    Missouri whitetails, rollover training with Asymmetric Solutions and a 12-year-old prodigy singing sensation.

  • Treezyn Turkeys

    Episode 4

    Treezyn Camo president, and No Scent owner, Mike Austin, has an over-the-top turkey hunt with Jimmy Sites in Tennessee.

  • The Birthday Buck

    Episode 5

    Jimmy Sites discovers an early season nocturnal bruiser of a buck, and hunts nine straight days for the shot.

  • River Bears of Alaska - Part 1

    Episode 6

    Decorated Army Sgt 1st Class and Purple Heart recipient, Doug Middleton, joins Jimmy Sites in Alaska on a river hunt for black bears.

  • River Bears of Alaska - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Jimmy Sites and Doug Middleton continue their river black bear hunt in Alaska, and Jimmy goes deep sea fishing for monster fish.

  • Laura Saves the Day

    Episode 8

    Laura MacAuley strikes gold on a huge muzzleload buck while the guys in camp keep striking out.

  • Colorado Elk with Brian Johnson - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Bethel Music president, Brian Johnson, joins Jimmy Sites on a Colorado elk hunt with cowboy guide Grant Adkisson.

  • Colorado Elk with Brian Johnson - Part 2

    Episode 10

    Jimmy Sites and Brian Johnson continue their Colorado elk hunt, and Jimmy takes his longest shot ever.

  • The Barbour Creek Long Range Experience

    Episode 11

    Jimmy Sites and friends go through the Barbour Creek Long Range Hunting and Shooting School and do some nighttime hog hunting.

  • Conquest of Fur and Feathers

    Episode 12

    Jimmy Sites makes the annual pilgrimage to his Arkansas deer camp and has to come up with a strategy to take some meat home.

  • Duck, Duck, Goose...and Crane

    Episode 13

    Jimmy Sites and friends run the boards on duck and geese in Stuttgart, Arkansas and hunt sandhills in East Tennessee.