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Snowmobiler TV

9 Seasons

For the ultimate look into the great sport of snowmobiling, nothing does it better than Snowmobiler TV. Having toured just about everywhere snowfalls and sleds can ride, the STV cameras showcase the full gamut of what sledding has to offer. From the Arctic Circle in Finland to the BC backcountry, to the Ice hotel in Sweden, you are brought to the front row to experience some of the world's most exotic destinations. For more adrenaline, we visit the race tracks to capture the action and crash and bang. For tour planners, there is no better guide to assist you in selecting the best vacation spots on snow. Expert sled reviews, product and maintenance tips, tourism at its finest, and a variety of all things sledding – that is what Snowmobiler TV delivers along the ride each and every week.

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Snowmobiler TV
  • All Things Yamaha

    Episode 1

    STV discusses the news Yamaha delivered earlier this summer, then heads south to Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, to celebrate all things Yamaha and to meet a snowmobile legend.

  • Goodbye Goldmember, Hello New Project Sled

    Episode 2

    This episode is from Season 27 of Snowmobiler TV.

    Jeff reflects on his time with Goldmember, then makes a trade with Jeremy at JT's for another project sled!

  • Odd Ball Sleds

    Episode 3

    This episode is from Season 27 of Snowmobiler TV.

    This week STV looks at odd balls! Odd ball sleds that are in the market, some that never made it to production and even a sled that was just made to set records.

  • 2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

    Episode 4

    Snowmobiler TV - S: 27 - E: 4 - STV checks out the 2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst in a First Burn, After Burn and later the 858!

  • Oval Racing Advice & Snowcross

    Episode 5

    Snowmobiler TV - S: 27 - E: 5 - Jeff heads to the Turk's for some ice oval advice. What does the Drifter with no name need to be race worthy? Can Jeff turn right? Does the Drifter even run? So many questions!

  • 2024 Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX

    Episode 6

    Snowmobiler TV - S: 27 - E: 6 - This week STV first and afterburns the 2024 Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX, Jeff discusses his gas, has a chatter about helmet communications devices and lastly shows something small.

  • Lead Up to Cain's Quest 2024

    Episode 7

    Snowmobiler TV - S: 27 - E: 7 - STV catches up with the 2024 Cain's Quest Race which starts March 3rd and then meets up with Team 44. Later in the show Jeff ponders life and snowmobiles.

  • All Performance

    Episode 8

    Snowmobiler TV - S: 27 - E: 8 - Time to talk performance, STV gets shocked at Accelerated Technologies, skegged with Bergstrom Skegs and then Jeff reviews his Drifter with no name. So mostly all performance.