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Travis Bader, host of The Silvercore Podcast, discusses matters related to hunting, firearms, hiking, outdoor adventure, success, health and more with the people and businesses that comprise the community all from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

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Silvercore Podcast
  • Resilience, Mindfulness, and Outdoor Education

    Episode 1

    Silvercore Podcast - S: 6 - E: 1 - Steve Wilson is a remarkable individual who has changed countless lives through his determination, adventurous spirit, and genuine compassion. Steve is a Ted Talk alumnus on mindfulness and resilience, and his passion for introducing students to the outdoors, hu...

  • Mastering the art of Mental Fitness

    Episode 2

    Silvercore Podcast - S: 6 - E: 2 - Dive into the world of mental fitness with former TV producer Neil Smith, co-founder with Bear Grylls of the brand new app "Mettle". Discover the power of resilience, overcoming challenges, and embracing the wild in this captivating episode of the Silvercore Pod...

  • Hunting: A Passion Unleashed with Matt Siemens

    Episode 3

    Silvercore Podcast - S: 6 - E: 3 - Dive into the fascinating world of hunting and adventure with our special guest, Korth group rep. Matt Siemens. Matt, a seasoned hunter with a wealth of knowledge, shares his experiences hunting on nearly every continent. From African hunts to his expertise in b...

  • CWD Confirmed: What Hunters Need to Know

    Episode 4

    Silvercore Podcast - S: 6 - E: 4 - We dive into the critical issue of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) with wildlife health expert Cait Nelson. Discover the latest findings on CWD's arrival in British Columbia, understand its impact on deer, elk, and moose populations, and learn essential safety tip...