Sheep Shape

Sheep Shape

13 Episodes

SHEEP SHAPE is a half-hour reality series that follows four hunters -- Chad Hall, Rick Carone, Kelsie Burford and Patrick Scrogin -- on grueling training programs to prepare them for mountain hunting as they battle separate life challenges. Together, with the help of their trainers and coaches, they work to accomplish one common goal: dominate a North American high mountain hunt. The physical requirements of the hunt are brutal, but the mental and emotional obstacles these hunters will face, at times, far outweigh the physical. The hunters will hit the gym and go into the field to prepare themselves for the most challenging hunt of their lives. The terrain is taxing but the emotional and mental obstacles the hunters encounter could make or break their hunting success. Viewers witness the struggle between personal life challenges -- including cancer, war injuries, childhood abuse and bullying -- and the fight to defy the odds and conquer fear on a hunt of a lifetime.

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Sheep Shape
  • Wheels Up

    Episode 1

    The third season of Sheep Shape begins as Chad Hall and Rick Carone arrive in British Columbia in pursuit of stone sheep and moose. The hunt begins now.

  • Storm Front

    Episode 2

    Chad Hall and Rick Carone are hard at it in British Columbia in search of stone sheep and bull moose. While weather tries to shut them down they keep pushing.

  • Mountain Push

    Episode 3

    Chad Hall and Rick Carone are hard at it in British Columbia in search of stone sheep and bull moose. Rick recovers his lone black wolf.

  • Warrior

    Episode 4

    Patrick Scrogin is prepping for his Wyoming bighorn hunt. Before heading out on his hunt he takes a tour of the Gunwerks facility and dials in his rifle for 1,000 yards.

  • Frostbite

    Episode 5

    Chad Hall heads to the Arctic to begin a new hunt in search of a mature muskox.

  • Chilled

    Episode 6

    Chad Hall takes on the frozen Arctic in search of a mature muskox. Chad's friend, David, closes the distance on a muskox with his bow.

  • Fear No Mountain

    Episode 7

    Celebrate the life of a man who inspired so many. Rick Carone, fought his pancreatic cancer for four and half statistic-defying years. Join us as we look back on this amazing life.

  • Pushing On

    Episode 8

    Chad Hall heads to Texas to begin a new hunt in search of a mature aoudad.

  • King of the Canyon

    Episode 9

    Chad Hall conquers the harsh canyon lands of Texas as he puts a mature aoudad ram in his sights.

  • Deer Week

    Episode 10

    We look back into the Sheep Shape archives. Join us as we show Chad and Rick in their most memorable deer hunts.

  • North of Sixty

    Episode 11

    Chad Hall and friends head to the Northwest Territories to hunt dall sheep, moose and caribou. The crew settles in and begins there once in a lifetime hunts.

  • Sky High

    Episode 12

  • Conquering Mountains

    Episode 13