Savage Outdoors

Savage Outdoors

2 Seasons

Join the Savage Outdoors crew as they travel North America capturing some of the most intense hunting action ever caught on film. Watch in wonder and join the team in living every sportsman's dream.

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Savage Outdoors
  • Illinois Rut

    Episode 13

    It's November in Illinois and the big bucks are on their feet.

  • Shotgun - Part 1

    Episode 15

    Shotgun season in Illinois, a hunter's dream come true!

  • Shotgun - Part 2

    Episode 16

    We're part way through shotgun season in Illinois with a few big bucks on the ground and a few tags left.

  • Prairie

    Episode 17

    It's rife season in South Dakota and Mike is there trying to fill his last buck tag the year.

  • Target Rich - Part 1

    Episode 9

    Mike and uncle Randy take advantage of a few free days from guiding to hunt whitetails at home in Texas.

  • Target Rich - Part 2

    Episode 10

    Uncle Randy and Mike decide to change tactics and rattle in some bucks while hunting at home in Texas.

  • Set Up
    Episode 12

    Set Up

    Episode 12

    Mike is at the Grigsby setting up camp and takes advantage of a few days to hunt before clients show up.

  • Lonestar Axis

    Episode 3

    The whole crew is back in Texas for their annual spring axis deer hunt.

  • Mesquite Bucks 1

    Episode 5

    The whole crew is back in Texas hunting whitetails in the October heat.

  • Mesquite Bucks 2

    Episode 6

    It's deer season in Texas and Jaimie is trying to bag an early season buck while Mike and his son enjoy some time together in the blind.

  • Elk Zoo

    Episode 11

    Mike is hunting elk in Colorado on the legendary Hill Ranch for the first time and it is an absolute zoo!

  • Fishtail

    Episode 4

    Mike is back at one of his favorite places to hunt elk in New Mexico, the Fishtail Ranch.