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  • Saskatchewan Whitetail

    Ryan goes to Weber Outfitters to experience baiting deer for the first time.

  • Frigid Bucks Part 2: Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer

    Brody and Amy are back with a week of deer hunting in December with Battle River Cree Outdoors.

  • Canadian Whitetail Deer Tour

    Join us as we head out on a Canadian whitetail deer tour with our friends that have become more like family.

  • Josh Langr Whitetail Hunt

    We travel to Saskatchewan for a late November whitetail hunt with our friends at Woody River Trophy Hunts. Each year Brewpub Pizza sponsors this trip to reward a deserving member of our armed forces or law enforcement who have made an incredible sacrifice in the line of duty. This year we meet Jo...

  • More Saskatchewan Buck Troubles?

    Marc heads back to Saskatchewan to try his luck once again on a monster whitetail.

  • Frigid Bucks Part 1: Saskatchewan Whitetail

    Brody and Amy are back with a week of deer hunting in December with Battle River Cree Outdoors.

  • Three Strikes

    Scott and Adelle hunt mule deer in central Saskatchewan.

  • Two Big Bucks

    Shortly after passing the Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course, Mike Bourque's young son Kane stalks mule deer does and whitetail bucks.

  • Torch River Getaway

    Craig & Mel hit the road to wrap up the season in a remote northern camp after a big Saskatchewan whitetail.

  • Saskatchewan Bound

    The week we are headed to a cold Saskatchewan with Terry Rohm.

  • Whitetail Mania

    Looking back at Kenny's most memorable whitetail hunts.

  • Wide Guy

    Taylor Partridge sets the sights of her Excalibur crossbow on one VERY wide full velvet buck.

  • Triple Play - Part 2

    Having put her time in, Baylie comes face to face with the big flyer buck, but it's never over until it is, and Baylie learns just how smart a big old buck can be.

  • The Great White North

    Blaine heads to Saskatchewan looking for 300+ pound bucks.

  • Triple Play - Part 1

    Baylie Peterson has 3 big target bucks, but having an encounter with one proves harder than it sounds.

  • Steady Eddie - Part 1

    A legendary buck, and a less than easy hunt. Dean takes up after a buck he has watched for the past 7 years.

  • North

    Jeff Baker heads to the Canadian Whitetail Outfitters Lodge with the revolutionary new Excalibur Twinstrike crossbow to try his hand at his first Saskatchewan buck.

  • Family Ties

    Ken and Quinn Hayworth head into the heart of the Saskatchewan boreal forest looking for a pair of Northern trophies.

  • Split Tines and Decisions

    Kassandras first solo archery hunt in Saskatchewan for whitetail.

  • Steady Eddie - Part 2

    The conclusion to Deans less than ideal hunt for a legendary old buck.

  • TriBeam

    Ryan Onufreychuk tries the impossible, attempting to anchor back to back 200" archery whitetails. A great hunt for a larger than life buck.

  • Best of Season 4

    Join hosts Greg Toogood, Calvin Kohlman, Mike Bourque and Bryan Lloyd in a recap of their highly successful hunting seasons.

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Darbie Koshman took a chance passing a great deer last season, and it's paying off big this year as he hunts a monster Saskatchewan whitetail with his Excalibur crossbow.

  • Splitz - Part 2

    The exciting conclusion to Steve Csizmar's hunt for a monster Saskatchewan typical.