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  • Old Reliable for Pike

    Todays destination is Northern Saskatchewan for northern pike. Be prepared for the big trophies when they show up. The right equipment is important and the habit of checking your equipment equally important.

  • Slow Drop Walleye

    Todays destination is Cree Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. The area is better known for its trophy pike and lake trout fishing, but there are always a few untouched gems in the way of walleye. Finesse fishing with light jigs can be incredibly rewarding.

  • Twin Falls Lodge and ADI Outpost Camps

    Wes will break down all the different fishing adventures that Adventure Destination International has to offer to anglers looking to set the hook on untouched fish.

  • Rough Water Walleye

    Wes spends a few days on Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan, with Rob from G&S Marina, battling rough water conditions for spring walleye.

  • Spoon Magic

    This is a two-part episode that starts out in Northern Saskatchewan for pike, then on Lake Ontario for salmon. Spoons work great for both species. Charlie shares a few tricks of the trade to maximize your catch.

  • Spot & Stalk Bow Fishing for Carp

    Wes combines archery and fishing and takes on shallow-water carp in southern Saskatchewan.

  • One-Two Punch for Inactive Pike

    Todays destination is Cree Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. When the bite slows, how do you entice the giants? Check this finesse presentation that always works time and time again on the inactive brutes. Keep them biting! This week on Fishful Thinking.

  • Dealing with the Conditions Pike & Salmon

    This is a two-part episode that starts out in Northern Saskatchewan for pike, then on Lake Ontario for salmon. The conditions that affect the fishing are numerous; wind, currents to name a few. To make a tough day into a good day make sure you dont get stuck in a rut. Change your tactics and y...

  • From Top to Bottom Pike & Lake Trout

    This is a two-part episode that starts out in Northern Saskatchewan for pike, then on Lake Ontario for lake trout. One lure, dual purpose. Fish it shallow for pike, then on downriggers for lake trout; multi functional, multi species. Surface to bottom, cover it allthis week, on Fishful Thinking.

  • Early Fall Bass & Slow Rise Pike

    This is a two-part episode that starts out in the Georgian Bay area for bass then over to Northern Saskatchewan for giant pike. Big bites can fill the boat when you pay attention to the details. Helpful, Fishful tips, this week on Fishful Thinking.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Birthday Black Bears

    Mike and his son head to Saskatchewan to do a little fishing and to hunt black bears.

  • Kisslinger Bear Camp

    Join Steve Ecklund & Joe Eppele on their first hunt together in Northern Saskatchewan with Kisslinger Outfitters. This is a jammed packed fast action episode with big bears, big fish and tributes to two great men.

  • Winter Fun

    Greg Toogood takes advantage of the winter season with ice fishing, shed hunting and coyote hunting with his friends and family.

  • Stealth Attack Giant Pike

  • Stealth Attack Giant Pike

  • Leadcore Lakers & Zombie Pike

  • Amazing Freedom Pike

    The destination of this action packed episode is Northern Saskatchewan for Pike. When those fish of a life time 'come calling', have the right tackle to get the job done. Check out the hot lures and big bites during this episode of Fishful Thinking!

  • St. Clair's Muskie Jim

  • Shallow Clear Water Pike

  • Wired for Teeth

    In this episode, Charlie heads out for some toothy creatures. First, northern pike fishing during cold water conditions with a product that will increase hook ups. Then Charlie and Terri head south for bigger bites.

  • Baitball Walleye & Zombie Pike

    Todays show is a reminder to think outside the box when the fishing is slower than usual. Today Charlie is out on Lake Erie for the Walleye bait. Crystal clear water makes for a challenging bite but with a newly designed lure and Charlies innovative technique - it really makes a difference. Th...