Ryan Goes Rogue

Ryan Goes Rogue

8 Episodes

Ryan Kohler from The Edge breaks out on his own with a series unlike ever seen before. Ryan Goes Rogue: Off the Edge is an all-new series featuring small and big game hunting adventures but with an added twist to the story.

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Ryan Goes Rogue
  • Shed Hunting Tips With Ryan Kohler

    Episode 99

    Tip: Shed Hunting Tips With Ryan Kohler

  • A Humorous Take on Utilizing All Parts of a Bear

    Episode 98

    Ryan Kohler and Blair Inscho explain how all parts of the bear can be used.

  • Hunting Bear Naked

    Episode 1

    Ryan Kohler returns... but this time he's definitely off the Edge. Andy Sr. (Andrew Sparacino of FUBAR fame) arrives at bear camp eager to learn to hunt and earn Ryan's respect. But, after a challenging first day of introducing his 'unique' perspective and antics to Ryan, it's a surprise revelati...

  • Small Game Love Affair

    Episode 2

    Andy Sr. aims to improve his mastery of guns and bows with Ryan. But, is it really love at first sight that's in his crosshairs?

  • Where is Andy?

    Episode 3

    Big cats, snow tracks and not an Andy in sight. However, Ryan does manage to track down NHL'er Eric Gryba, a giant mountain lion, and the 'other' Andy!

  • Shed Hunt Mix-Up

    Episode 4

    There's an epic shed waiting to be uncovered in the woods and Ryan & Andi Jr. form Team Randi to track down the giant antler.

  • Road Kill Madness

    Episode 5

    Roles get reversed when Ryan agrees to allow Andi Jr. to take him hunting. But her idea of 'hunting' is enough to make even Ryan a little squeamish.

  • Bear with Andi

    Episode 6

    You never know what the circle of life has in store but, for 'team Randi' it means impromptu antique shopping, a return to bear camp and phone call that will change everything!