Quick Hunts

Quick Hunts

8 Episodes

Quick Hunts delivers the best hunts without the fluff, featuring your favourite hunters from across the web.

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Quick Hunts
  • Skateboard Hog

    Episode 1

    Matt Busbice sprains his ankle but finds the most genius way to hunt.

  • Puppet Master

    Episode 2

    This week Matt Busbice turns into a Puppet Master to bring in a great Louisiana buck.

  • Tank Buck

    Episode 3

    Follow along as Matt Busbice hunts the Louisiana buck named Tank.

  • Stuck in a Rut

    Episode 4

    Its the rut. Its the short period of time every single year that whitetail hunters look forward to. Its supposed to be the best hunting of the year, but sometimes thats not how it goes.

  • Night Shift

    Episode 5

    Going after a gnarly nocturnal buck with the new Daytime Deadfall Feeder.

  • Fishing for Deer

    Episode 6

    Matt Busbice goes buck hunting with his new contraption.

  • Decoy Success

    Episode 7

    Calling big bucks with the aid of a decoy.

  • Wyoming Elk

    Episode 8

    Various short films chasing big elk.