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Pursue The Wild

6 Seasons

In Pursue the Wild, host Kristy Titus is entertaining and educating viewers while showcasing the relevance of hunting in today’s society, strengthening support of the Second Amendment and increasing shooting sports participation.

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Pursue The Wild
  • Oregon Archery Elk Hunting

    Episode 1

    Thank you for tuning in to watch Kristy Titus' premier episode to the Pursue The Wild digital series. Within this episode, Kristy and her father Lewis pursue archery elk on public land in Oregon with an over-the-counter general season tag. This episode is the heart of Kristy's family. Being in th...

  • Oregon Turkey

    Episode 2

    Thanks to the funding that hunters provide through hunting license and tag sales, the state of Oregon has been able to release nearly 10,000 wild Rio Grande turkeys since 1975. These conservation efforts led by hunters have equated to a flourishing population of wild turkeys in the Southwest part...

  • Until We Meet Again-Oregon Turkey Hunt with Rick Carone

    Episode 3

    Success afield is marked by many things-the only one that truly matters is enjoying the outdoors and the experience with the people that we love. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus hunts turkeys in Oregon celebrating friendship and sharing her final hunt with her beloved frien...

  • Overcome Train To Hunt

    Episode 4

    One can never understand the power of a community until they are part of one that is devoted to a lifestyle and gives us purpose and meaning. Train to Hunt unites us for one common goal-to prepare us for the back country. In the latest episode of Pursue the Wild, Kristy Titus takes you through he...

  • Shut Up & Fish

    Episode 5

    Depoe Bay in Oregon's is carved out of rocky lava beds that stretch down to beautiful sandy beaches. As the smallest navigable harbor in the World, it is famous for gray whale watching and sport fishing and it is the perfect place for small vessels to cast out into the Pacific Ocean in search of ...

  • Love of the Hunt MT Archery Elk

    Episode 6

    You have just watched the giant bull elk crest over the horizon. He stands atop the mountain looking over his territory below; he is royal and knows that he is king. It was the second week of September and bugles were pleading and desperate in sound. Many bulls were not yet with cows, just in the...

  • Wyoming Spot & Stalk Archery Antelope

    Episode 7

    The best journeys begin where the blacktop ends and the back-roads begin. Heading down an old two track in the middle of nowhere- every bump in the road leads you to new adventures pursuing the wild. Join Kristy Titus and Jessie Coy of Jessie James Outfitting as they take on the challenge of spot...

  • The Special Bull of Mount Dutton Utah

    Episode 8

    Hunting is a heritage that is shared with family and friends. A legacy that is passed down from one generation to the next. Some hunts offer special opportunities, perhaps, once in a lifetime to harvest a bull elk that is is fully mature and at their best. On this episode of Pursue The Wild, join...

  • For Generations to Come - Oregon Youth Cow Hunt

    Episode 9

    Stay tuned to watch the time honored tradition of elk hunting be passed down from the Ellis family to the Taylor family, extending the legacy of the land and her grace for us all to enjoy.This hunt originally aired on RMEF's Team Elk Television Show.

  • North River Caribou Hunt

    Episode 10

    In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus embarks upon a journey into some of the most remote territory in the world in Northern British Columbia Canada. Flying over 100 air miles from the nearest road or civilization, in pursuit of mountain caribou with North River Outfitting.

  • Giant B Run Steelhead of the Clearwater River

    Episode 11

    In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, join Kristy Titus and her cousin Brice Vineyard as they set their hooks into some of the largest steelhead in the world on the Clearwater River in Idaho.

  • Montana Mule Deer Double

    Episode 12

    In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus and Jason Matzinger of Into High Country double up on a hunt in Montana for mule deer during in the peak of the rut. This episode was originally filmed for RMEF's Team Elk Television Show.

  • Return to Colorado, Late Season Elk Hunt

    Episode 13

    Join Kristy Titus in the latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she returns to Colorado, to one of her favorite late season elk hunting spots on the Rocky Mountain Front.

  • North River Moose Hunt

    Episode 14

    Join in the ultimate of adventures in the latest episode of Pursue The Wild where Kristy Titus heads to Northern British Columbia Canada with North River Outfitting. The all-girl crew fly into the backcountry over 100 air miles to backpack hunt in a valley that has never been hunted in pursuit of...

  • The Journey on the Clearwater River

    Episode 15

    Catch and keep season is here on the Clearwater River in Idaho for hatchery raised and released Steelhead. Anglers drift these world-famous waters with the hopes of setting hook into some of the largest B-run steelhead to be found. In the latest episode of Pursue The Wild, Kristy Titus and her co...

  • Montana Cow Elk and Deer Hunting

    Episode 16

    Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she hunts Montana looking to fill her general season elk and deer tag. Montana is one of the few states that provide hunters the opportunity to pursue elk and provide a deer tag that is good for either species of deer, mule deer or ...

  • Misery Loves Company

    Episode 17

    Minus 20 won't stop Kristy Titus & Jordan Budd from hunting. Join them in the latest episode of Pursue The Wild for a late season muzzleloader deer hunt in Nebraska.

  • Mother Natures Beast British Columbia Mountain Goat

    Episode 18

    The beauty found in summertime has long since left. And Mother Natures beast is all that remains. Within this inhospitable terrain of stark snowy landscapes speckled with a few exposed jagged cliff walls, where most would parish, the mountain goat thrives. In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Kris...

  • Moments Missouri Whitetail

    Episode 19

    As the leaves change in the Midwest and bold colors of fall paint the forest, we know it's coming. Anticipation fills our soul. Soon the search will begin. And we will be there as hunterswaiting for moments. Join Kristy Titus in her latest episode of Pursue The Wild where she hunts the peak of th...