Overland Chronicles TV

Overland Chronicles TV

7 Episodes

Join host Scott Sullivan as he discovers America in his fully kitted out overland vehicle. Field to plate driven, The Overland Chronicles takes the audience on exciting hunting, fishing, and adventure-based destinations. Each week the viewer will learn how to navigate the back roads, camp off grid, cook from scratch and much more. Follow this exciting new overland based series as Scott takes on his next big adventure along the road less traveled.

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Overland Chronicles TV
  • First Things First: Who We Are

    Episode 1

    Overland Chronicles TV - S: 1 - E: 1 - Life is a journey! And for Scott Sullivan and Cheyenne Peterson, that journey is creating their own roadmap. With a passion to find "the experience", they find a common ground, one that God instilled in both of them. Adventure! What path will they take? Wher...

  • Crawl Before You Walk

    Episode 2

    Overland Chronicles TV - S: 1 - E: 2 - As Scott and Cheyenne head into the Wilds Beyond they begin their journeys into overlanding with the world class instructors at Overland Experts. Scott and Cheyenne dont know it all, but these guys do! From military Special Forces, to the common weekend warr...

  • The Right to Bear Arms

    Episode 3

    This episode is from Season 1 of Overland Chronicles TV.

    Cheyenne treks into the mountains of Montana to fulfill her lifelong dream of doing a spot and stalk hunt for spring black bears, and possibly taking one of these dangerous but delicious bruins. Never mind the fact that you might just as e...

  • Beauty & The Beast

    Episode 4

    Overland Chronicles TV - Season: 1 - Episode: 4 - Cheyenne steps out of her comfort zone to enter an uncomfortable zone as she heads to the murky waters of Florida in search of a prehistoric tidbit of table fare to be taken with a pistol. Theres little room for error when your on a little shore w...

  • Roaring Through the Andes

    Episode 5

    Overland Chronicles TV - S: 1 - E: 5 - Join host Scott as he heads to the southern hemisphere during The Roar in search of one of the world's most wary creatures, the red stag. This amazing table fare has Scott seeing red from pursuing these elusive animals by spot and stalk with his bow in one o...

  • Blacktail Backcountry

    Episode 6

    Overland Chronicles TV - S: 1 - E: 6 - Traveling over land, sea and air on this journey, this duo is now crossing treacherous waters to be dropped off on treacherous islands in search of the elusive Sitka blacktail deer. Two apex predators, both on the same mission, food. This is not just getting...

  • Blessed Kansas Whitetail

    Episode 7

    Overland Chronicles TV - S: 1 - E: 7 - We all know the phrase, Id rather be lucky than good. After hunting for days without a glimpse of a big whitetail buck, Scotts luck finally changes as a friend comes to the rescue and gives him a chance to hunt some of the best country in Kansas for some of ...