Outdoor Quest TV

Outdoor Quest TV

8 Seasons

Outdoor Quest TV is one of Canada’s longest-running, independently produced hunting series. Hosts T.J. Schwanky and Vanessa Harrop bring you the most adventure-filled hunts from around the globe.

We are real hunters that go on real hunts where life definitely isn’t scripted. For us, the hunt is about the journey and we take viewers along on that journey each week on Wild TV.

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Outdoor Quest TV
  • Tatonka

    Episode 6

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 6 - TJ draws a dream tag for wood bison in northern Alberta.

  • Welcome to Season 25

    Episode 1

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 1 - TJ and Vanessa take a look back at the past 25 years of Outdoor Quest TV and give a sneak peek at what's to come.

  • The Clown of the Free State

    Episode 2

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 2 - TJ and Vanessa hunt roan and blesbok in South Africa with Select Worldwide Hunting Safaris.

  • Cree River Bruins

    Episode 3

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 3 - TJ goes after monster black bear and giant northern pike in northern Saskatchewan.

  • Plains Game on the Eastern Cape

    Episode 4

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 4 - TJ and Vanessa hunt zebra and mountain reedbuck with Lalapa Safaris.

  • They Aren't All Trophies

    Episode 5

    Outdoor Quest TV - S: 25 - E: 5 - TJ hunts antelope in his home province of Alberta.