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  • How to Set up Tullibee as Bait for Icing Northerns and Lakers

    Episode 99

    How to set up tullibee as bait for icing Northerns and lakers.

  • Impala Hunt, South Africa - Part 2 of 2

    Episode 2

  • Nantucket Striped Bass Fishing

    Episode 3

    This week on Outdoor Bound TV, we're off to the small island in the Atlantic Ocean made famous by the '90's sitcom, Wings. That's right, we're headed to Nantucket Island, off the coast of Massachusetts. On this trip, we'll meet our friend Corey Gammill of Bill Fisher Outfitters. Corey will giv...

  • Algoma Salmon & Steelhead with Mad Dog and Merrill

    Episode 4

  • Musky Fishing 101 on the Northwest Angle of Minnesota

    Episode 5

  • Outdoor Bound TV

    Episode 11

    Outdoor Bound TV

  • Outdoor Bound TV

    Episode 9

    Maxxed Out Guides Pheasant & Ducks

  • Outdoor Bound TV

    Episode 10

    Outdoor Bound TV

  • Manitoba Walleye & Burbot Ice Fishing

    Episode 12

    This week we make a return trip to Woosey Lake, Manitoba with Outdoor Bound TV pros Bryan, Anna and Lee. We're going to put walleyes topside using glow baits in low light. Once full darkness is upon us, we shift gears to target one of the most over looked, under rated and delicious fish in northe...

  • Northwest Wisconsin Multi-Species Ice Fishing

    Episode 13

    The Mountain Dew Ice Team join good friend and guide Josh Teigen on a Northwest Wisconsin lake to target panfish over sunken weed beds. Many of the bodies of water in this area boast large populations of bluegill, perch and crappie. But as is typical with most midwestern lakes, you're never quite...

  • Lake of the Woods Crappie and PK Lure Wekusko Walleye

    Episode 14

    We're off to Lake of the Woods ,Ontario, for an early season ice trip where we focus on panfish in deep water basins. During the cold winter months, panfish tend to migrate to these locations of the lake and with the right presentation & good electronics can be a ton of fun to catch. Then we t...

  • Mississippi River Perch Ice Fishing

    Episode 15

    This week on Outdoor Bound TV, we head to the frozen backwaters of the mighty Mississippi River to search for jumbo perch with tournament angler and professional guide, Mike McCormick of Holmen, Wisconsin. Now Mike utilizes some rather unique transportation to reach his fishing hotspots. He tak...

  • Reed Lake Manitoba: Multi-Species Ice Fishing

    Episode 16

    We travel to Reed Lake, Manitoba; mid-way between Snow Lake and Flin Flon for a multi-species mecca on late ice. On this April day, we've got the Beaver Dams rigged with large cisco and toulabi and placed along sunken weed beds, in hopes of bringing trophy pike and lake trout topside. And while...

  • Devils Lake- Perch Ice Fishing

    Episode 17

    This week we travel to probably one of the most famous destinations for trophy perch through the ice. That's right, we're talking about Devils Lake, North Dakota. On this trip, we join Curt Reeff, the owner of PK Lures for a little hard water action on this legendary body of water. We'll also ...

  • Wisconsin Remote Lake Ice Fishing

    Episode 18

    On this week's show, we're going off the grid in Northern Wisconsin to explore some small, back country, off the map lakes in search of panfish. No roads, no transportation and no intel. We're going to have to reach into our bag of tricks to map out the lake, find the fish and then bring them t...

  • Lake of the Woods Venom Panfish & Wekusko Venom Walleye and Whitefish

    Episode 19

    This week we take to the ice to test if glow baits really out perform traditionally painted spoons and jigs. First, Mike Gate and I test the new Venom 221 Inferno Flutter Spoon on panfish at Sunset Cover Resort on Lake of the Woods. Then Ana and Nicole travel to one of their favorite destinatio...