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onX Hunt

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onX Hunt
  • onX Hunt

    onX Hunt is NOW AVAILABLE in Canada! Stream this short video to learn what onX Hunt can do for you.

  • Wind Features For Whitetail Hunting

    Follow along with Jared Larsen as he explains all of the different wind integrated features inside of the onX Hunt app that can be extremely powerful tools for any whitetail hunter. Utilize optimal wind, setting current wind, and wind calendar to maximize your time in the deer woods this season.

  • 3 Things To Look For When Scouting For Deer In Large Timbered Areas

    Clay Newcomb of MeatEater and host of the Bear Grease podcast walks us through how he would break down a large piece of timbered public land in the Ozarks. Learn what features and layers Clay uses within the hunt app to be able to identify these key features quickly and effectively.

  • 4 Waypoint Tips To Make You A Better Whitetail Hunter onX Hunt

    Jared from onX walks you through 4 best use cases for using waypoints in whitetail woods. Use photo waypoints to mark and keep tabs on scrapes, Place waypoints on tree stand locations, Enable Optimal Wind on any waypoint, and Share waypoints with other.

  • 5 Public Land E-Scouting Tips

    Follow along with Matt Seidel as he breaks down different types of public land that people often overlook when scouting for their hunt. With these E-Scouting tips, you can get find your next honey hole away from other hunters and where big game hangs out.

  • 5 Tips For Finding More Birds Using onX Hunt

    Follow along with Ben Brettingen as he breaks down how to use onX Hunt for Bird Hunting. Utilize walk-in hunting areas, crop data, and private/public land boundaries, . Share waypoints with friends and family, and organize content with folders to be more efficient in the field.

  • Discover Recent Imagery Within The onX Hunt App

    Check out the recent imagery now available within the onX Hunt app. Learn how to access it, along with its several uses to aid you in the field.

  • How to Create Waypoints and add Custom Features with onX Hunt

    Follow along with Matt Seidel as he walks through how to place waypoints in the onX Hunt App to keep track of your Trail Cameras. Change the icon, color, and upload a waypoint photo. Organize your waypoints with folders for your next hunt.

  • How To E-Scout For Whitetails Key Terrain Features

    Follow along with Jared Larsen as he breaks down how to utilize onX Hunt for E-scouting whitetail deer. onX Hunt’s 3D features can help you identify terrain features such as ridge tops and creek bottoms to take advantage of in your hunt.

  • How To E-scout New Areas For Whitetail Hunting- with Clay Newcomb

    Follow along with Clay Newcomb as he goes through his step-by-step process of breaking down a completely new area, and narrows down spots to hunt through the use of e-scouting. Learn what tools to use within the hunt app, as well as what specific features to look for on the landscape.

  • How To Find Big Deer with E-Scouting

    Follow along with K.C. and Tyler of The Element as they explain how they use the Hunt app to consistently find big deer on their DIY hunts. Learn all the different features they use including: crop data layers, optimal wind, wind calendar, topographic maps, and much more.

  • How To Find Deer Habitat- Tree Species Layer

    Follow along with Lake Pickle as he explains how to use the tree species layer to identify areas of good deer habitat, as well as pinpoint places to hunt. You can utilize these layers specifically to identify natural edges, overall habitat diversity, food sources, funnels, bedding areas, and more.

  • How To Find Sharp-tailed Grouse Hungarian Partridge

    onX's own, Ben Brettingen explains how to use the Hunt app to scout for Sharptail Grouse and Huns. You will get an in depth look on how to determine areas to look within a state, distinguish between good and bad habitat for each species, and how to use the weather tools within the app. Put all th...

  • How To Find Ruffed Grouse Woodcock

    Follow along with onX's own, Ben Brettingen, as he explains the tools and methods he uses within the hunt app to find spots to hunt Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. Learn what habitat types to look for, what layers are most useful to have on, how to plan your routes, how to mark potential spots and or...

  • How To Find Your Location and Enable Compass Mode In The onX Hunt App

    Learn how to find your location and enable compass mode in the onX Hunt App. onX Hunt allows you to see your location as well as which direction you are facing while you’re in the field.

  • How To Mark and Customize Waypoints

    Jared Larsen walks through how to mark and customize waypoints in onX Hunt. Learn how to mark, name, customize, and leave notes and photos on your waypoints. Waypoints are invaluable for navigating to points of interest determined during scouting.

  • How To Navigate and Track Your Location While Hunting with onX Hunt

    Follow along with Matt Siedel as he shows you how to navigate and track your location while hunting utilizing the onX Hunt app. Learn how to use the tracker tool and the “go to waypoint” tool to help navigate in the field.

  • How To Measure Distances In Seconds With The Hunt App

    Follow along with Jared Larsen as he explains one of the newest features within the hunt app, two finger distance measure. Learn how to use the tool to get distance readings in seconds, which will just lead to more maximized time for you in the field.

  • How To Use Topo Maps To Find Deer in The South

    Follow along with Lake Pickle as he explains how to read and use topographic maps to find deer, particularly in the South. Learn how to utilize 3D elevation exaggeration to teach yourself the basics of reading topo maps. Discover what to look for in terms of terrain changes, natural funnels, and ...

  • How to Save Phone Battery Life While Using onX Hunt

    Jared from onX walks you through how to save battery life on your phone during extended uses on the onX Hunt App. Save a map for offline use, update your phone’s battery section, and don’t use certain features to prevent battery drain.

  • How To Save A Map For When You Dont Have Cell Service

    Going to an area with no cell phone service? No problem, with onX Hunt you can turn your phone into a fully functional GPS unit with offline maps. Follow along with Matt Siedel as he shows you how to save your maps for offline use.

  • How To Scout A New Unit

    Matt Seidel walks through how to thoroughly explore a new unit with the onX Hunt App. Learn about the boundaries, tree distribution, topography, and access points of an area without even stepping foot in a new unit.

  • How To Scout Prepare For Waterfowl Season

    Lake Pickle and Josh Parvin show you how to use onX Hunt to scout prepare for waterfhowl season.

  • How To Set Up Your Hunting Camp With onX Hunt

    Follow along with Lake Pickle as he explains how to use the Hunt App to set up your deer camp, hunting camp, deer lease, etc. and then be able to share it with anyone that you want through folders and folder sharing. This feature has several uses such as sharing the info/map with a new member or ...