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  • Trolling Walleye & Lake Trout

    Great Lakes open-water walleye and lake trout.

  • Pike & Smallmouth Bass

    Casting lures for weed & structure pike and smallmouth bass.

  • Jig and Spinners for Northern Walleye

    Todays destination is Northern Ontario for walleye, thanks to the folks at Cochrane Air Service! A fly-in to a small remote lake you have all to yourself, always a great treat. A few helpful aids can sure help you find the magic areas.

  • Spinner Smallmouth Bass

    Casting spinners for shoreline smallmouth bass.

  • Great Lakes Salmon

    Downrigging for Lake Ontario chinook salmon.

  • Reef Walleye

    Fishing deep-water humps for walleye.

  • Fishing the Basement for Lake Trout

    Charlie heads out on Lake Ontario in the Princecraft for lake trout. Scraping the bottom downrigging, Charlie shares the details for success out on the water.

  • Cranking Largemouth Bass

    Casting lures for shoreline largemouth bass.

  • New Lake Tactics

    Todays destination takes Charlie to the Land OLakes area in Eastern Ontario, where he is joined by friend Chris McMillan. The two are fishing new territory. Charlie shares tips on exploring new lakes for a successful day on the water.

  • Balanced for Success St. Clair Muskie

    Charlie and Terri join up with Capt. Jim Fleming from Drifter 2 Charters on Lake St. Clair in Southwestern Ontario. Rigging lures to keep the baits free of debris is a key to successful fishing on this shallow lake. Also, Jim shares a tip on tuning a lure to produce more hits.

  • Fresh Spring Fish

    Taylor is on the water, its springtime, everything is happening, but the biggest question is, where are those fish going to be? Were going to have to find out.

  • Weed Walleye

    Fishing crankbaits around open-water weeds for walleye.

  • Stolen Prime Rib Always Tastes the Best

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends fly loads of lumber into the bush, open up a wall to add new windows, forage for wild foods, catch a pile of walleye and cook an amazing prime rib supper deep in the wilderness.

  • Lake Trout

    Casting spinners for shallow-water lake trout.

  • A Northern Boy's Cedar Boat Slip

    Watch outfitter Joel Theriault of Air Ivanhoe and his friends create a cedar boat slip, get the plane parked on a remote sandy beach for a few days, and catch and cook a pile of walleye. Northern Ontario wilderness fishing at its best!

  • Keep it Simple Bass

    Todays destination takes us to Georgian Bay in Central Ontario. Smallmouth bass are the target today. With clear waters it's time to slow down and finesse fish. Charlie shares a few tricks that keeps the bite on, with an extra surprise catch.

  • Northern Lake & Splake

    Join Taylor on this trip has he heads to Northern Ontario to fish for splake.

  • Fall Walleye, Pike & Bass

    Fishing blade-baits over humps for walleye, pike and bass.

  • External Floatplane Lumber Loads and Walleye

    The boys are going to build a floating dock but first need to strap loads of lumber externally to the floatplane. After a demolition project, the hungry fishermen set out lakeside where Miguel catches and releases a real trophy walleye. An amazing fish fry feast fills everyone's stomachs.

  • Spoon Magic

    This is a two-part episode that starts out in Northern Saskatchewan for pike, then on Lake Ontario for salmon. Spoons work great for both species. Charlie shares a few tricks of the trade to maximize your catch.

  • Outhouse Holes, Trip Hazards and Walleye

    The guys are off for a crappy adventure moving an outhouse to a new location. Landmines are discovered in the nearby woods. Travis and Joel spend the day fixing a broken dock and Travis steps on a rusty nail. The team enjoys a great night of walleye fishing, followed by supper on an open fire!

  • Topwater Smallmouth Bass

    Fishing topwater lures for smallmouth bass.

  • Spring in Northern Ontario - Black Flies & Walleye

    Spring in the north comes with a unique set of challenges and every year is different. This episode were struggling with animal caused electrical issues, fixing engines and docks, servicing cabins, making smudge fires to ward of the insects and catching walleye to cook them later lakeside on an ...

  • Drive-to Lakers

    This week on The Canadian Tradition its about exploring new waters. Armed with a fishing tip about a hot lake we pack the trucks, hook onto the boat and head to Northern Ontario for a lake trout fishing bonanza.