Northeast USA

Northeast USA

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Northeast USA
  • Oswego County Outdoors

    The USOC Adventures team heads to Oswego County in up state New York to show what the great outdoors is all about.

  • North Dakota Badlands Birds

    Travis Frank and two bird dog training buddies set up camp in the rugged Badlands of North Dakota to hunt native sharp-tailed grouse.

  • Christmas Geese

    The Harrods have hunted as a family for many generations. Family bonds are strengthened during time spent afield, especially when Mother Nature challenges even the heartiest of souls. Hunting ducks and geese in eastern Oregon in cold winter months has become an annual tradition for the Harrods. G...

  • The Next Generation

    The Forever Wild Outdoors Team always believes in paying it forward. This week they do just that as they take out some young up and coming hunters on a special youth turkey hunt.

  • Are You Kidding Me?

    Join host Steve Schicker on a solo bird hunt at "Rancho Del Rightmyer". Then watch as Steve films co-host Gerry Rightmyer on a turkey hunt that you have to see to believe. Are they able to seal the deal? Watch and find out!