North Mountain Adventures

North Mountain Adventures

2 Seasons

Hosts, Craig and Melanie, invite you along for the ride as they capture the reality of their hunting, fishing and trapping adventures on film. With guests along the way, moving from water to ice and muskeg to mountains there’s something this season for everyone!

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North Mountain Adventures
  • Big Canadian Elk Hunts

    Episode 1

    In this episode we track down two great bull elks in Canada.

  • Stumps

    Episode 2

    Craig and Dylan hunt near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, for two particular bears, a cinnamon and a big black bear thats missing a paw!

  • Wild Haven

    Episode 3

    Craig is headed along Riding Mountain National park after elk with his good buddy Derek, where they hunt private land that Derek owns.

  • Four Days of September

    Episode 4

    Craig, Dylan and Kyle saddle up and camp out trying to fill Dylan's elk draw tag.

  • Life of a Guide - Part 1

    Episode 5

    Craig and Dylan head out to Craig's parent's fly in camps to guide for moose season at Small Lake.

  • 18 Days in the North

    Episode 6

    This week Craig takes a couple clients to a brand new camp to see if they can tag out on some big bull moose in Northern Manitoba.

  • BC Mountain Mulies

    Episode 7

    This week, Craig meets up with good friends Sandy, Rob and Dawsha as they venture into new territory on his second attempt at harvesting his first mule deer.

  • Torch River Getaway

    Episode 8

    Craig & Mel hit the road to wrap up the season in a remote northern camp after a big Saskatchewan whitetail.

  • North Mountain Adventures- 55" Manitoba Moose

    Episode 99

    Craig takes a couple clients to a brand new camp in Northern Manitoba and one of them takes down a 55" moose.