Nice Fish Pro Staff

Nice Fish Pro Staff

13 Episodes

Gary Cooper has been producing and hosting Sportfishing television since 1988. His library of episodes exceeds 800 and at 73 he is still very active in production with his new series Nice Fish Pro Staff. Many of his productions have had wide world distribution that included being in the programming schedule of United Emirates airlines. His Motto and sign-off are “Luck is an attitude” Nice Fish Pro-staff: Gary Cooper, famed outdoor producer and host of many outdoor Fishing Shows follow Pro- Staff in the fishing industry. People who work within the industry as a career. Cameramen. writers, publishers, guides, TV Hosts, lodge owners, chefs, and lure manufactures. all have a story to tell on Nice Fish Pro Staff

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Nice Fish Pro Staff
  • Rocky Mountain Bull Trout & Coho Salmon

    Episode 1

    Don Freschi and his team fish for Rocky Mountain bull trout and David Gunn introduces Danielle to coho salmon on the Cowichan.

  • Cowichan Conservation & Golden, BC

    Episode 2

    David Gunn drifts the Cowichan with conservation in mind and Sports Fishing on the Fly and team head to Golden, British Columbia.

  • Trout Fly Fishing Competition

    Episode 3

    Fly Fishermen compete for the largest trout on the upper Columbia and Danielle learns more about the river with Dave Gunn.

  • Catching & Conserving Chinook Salmon

    Episode 4

    High profile fishermen work and teach about catching and conserving chinook salmon and Brant and Marty gear up in anticipation of catching fish over 100 pounds.

  • Jigging for Salmon

    Episode 5

    Rod Toth gives a couple of greenhorns a workout on the Fraser River and Martin and Pat jig for salmon in excess of twenty pounds.

  • Fishermans Man Cave

    Episode 6

    Pat Ahern introduces you to a fishermans man cave, then it's rowing the tyee pool in Campbell River.

  • A Lesson on Rockfish

    Episode 7

    These Harrison River Sturgeon are one tough fish!

  • The Art of the Dry Fly Caddis

    Episode 8

    Learning the art of the dry fly caddis. Sturgeon fishing at it's best.

  • Drifting for Coho

    Episode 9

    Cameron lands his first rainbow on the dry caddis and Danielle returns to Riverquest Lodge to learn more about drifting for coho.

  • Striped Marlin Double Header

    Episode 10

    Producer, Gary Cooper plays a double header of striped marlin, and then hot dogs on the Fraser with Rod Toth gets a rude awakening.

  • Fishing the Fraser

    Episode 11

    Watch as a fish, the size of a refrigerator, clears the water 10 feet from the rod tip, and then Don Freschi shows 15-year-old Cameron how it is done.

  • Chinook on Lite Tackle

    Episode 12

    Cameron and Andrew go salmon fishing for big chinooks on lite tackle, and Marty gets a tiger by the tail.

  • Fly Fishing for Walleye & Trout

    Episode 13

    Cameron completes his road trip by fly-fishing for walleye and trout.