Modern Hunter

Modern Hunter

13 Episodes

Designed to inform and entertain the new generation of hunters, Modern Hunter encompasses the wide and varied hunting landscape, including bowhunting, AR rifles, handguns, bow-fishing, crossbow hunting, the locavore movement, women’s hunting, nontraditional species and layering for optimum comfort and scent control.

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Modern Hunter
  • Bear Season

    Episode 1

    Brad Rucks heads to Saskatchewan for his first ever Canada black bear hunt.

  • Ian's First Deer

    Episode 2

    After two years of dedicated practice with his bow, Producer, Ian heads out to the blind to try and get his very first whitetail deer.

  • Sandhill Whitetails

    Episode 3

    Outdoor writer Brad Fenson comes back to the sandhills of Nebraska to pursue big bucks.

  • Kansas Dreams

    Episode 4

    Brad Rucks is living the big buck dream on his hunt in Kansas, but finds himself quickly wanting to wake up from the nightmare that the hunt begins to become.

  • Tried and True

    Episode 5

    Christian Hogg of Fiocci Ammunition shows what being a modern hunter means to him on his hunt for big whitetails in the Nebraska sandhills.

  • Axis in Texas

    Episode 6

    Brad Rucks returns to Texas for his annual axis deer hunt with Texas Trophy Whitetails. But this time he brought a friend down for his chance at an extremely wide axis buck.

  • Deer Camp

    Episode 7

    A modern day deer camp story of two brothers who attempt to recreate an image of the first bucks they ever shot together years ago.

  • Those That Guide Us

    Episode 8

    A different perspective is taken as we follow along with two modern day hunting guides and find out why they do what they do.

  • Father, Daughter

    Episode 9

    After a disappointing road trip to Kentucky, Brad Rucks packs his back and heads home for his annual hunt with his daughter.

  • That'll Do Pig

    Episode 10

    Hogs may not look pretty or provide as much meat as some larger game animals, but if you give them a chance, they can be one heck of a good time to hunt.

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  • Modern Heroes - Part 1

    Episode 11

    This episode is from Season 1 of Modern Hunter.

    Treestand accidents unfortunately happen every year despite efforts of public awareness. On this episode of Modern Hunter we showcase a mock hunting accident and the modern heroes that are standing by to answer the call.

  • Modern Heroes - Part 2

    Episode 12

    This episode is from Season 1 of Modern Hunter.

    Part two of our Modern Heroes special, features the Rhinelander, Wisconsin volunteer fire department as they answer a call to save a fallen hunter.

  • Off Season

    Episode 13

    This episode is from Season 1 of Modern Hunter.

    With a last minute invite from his good friend Brad Rucks, Mark Scroggins get his opportunity in the off season at his very first trophy axis buck.