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Midwest USA

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Midwest USA
  • Believet Bird Dogs

    Travis Frank hunts pheasants in South Dakota with American heroes that fought for our freedom. This emotional hunt celebrates a journey with dogs and a trainer that have given their all to change our veterans lives.

  • SoDak Pheasant Roadtrip

    Travis Frank and a family of Pheasants Forever supporters road trip through South Dakota in search of the states birdiest pheasant fields.

  • North Dakota Island Birds

    Travis Frank joins a crew of dedicated bird hunters to chase wild pheasants and sharp-tailed grouse on North Dakota's public lands, including an island in the center of the Missouri River.

  • Hidden Hills Lodge

    Ron Schara hunts upland birds in the glacial lakes region of South Dakota based out of Hidden Hills Lodge.

  • Montana Covid Camp

    Bill Sherck pitches his tent on Montana's prairie with a small group of bird hunters to escape the Covid pandemic and find explosive numbers of wild birds.

  • 7th Annual Hunting Film Tour

    Tune in to see seven different hardcore hunting adventures in a film festival format.

  • Montana Slam Bird Camp

    Travis Frank and a trio of do-it-yourself upland bird hunters camp on public lands during the opening weekend of Montana's pheasant season. Behind excellent hunting dogs they find explosive numbers of wild pheasants, Hungarian partridge & sharp-tailed grouse.

  • North Dakota Photographer

    Scott Fransen joins a wildlife photographers family bird camp in North Dakota in pursuit of explosive numbers of wild pheasants, Hungarian partridge & sharp-tailed grouse.

  • Ambulance Camp Prairie Chickens

    Travis Frank hunts the Fort Pierre National Grasslands for sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chicken with a lifelong bird hunter. Based out of a unique ambulance bird camp this hunt has explosive highs and scary venomous lows.

  • Pheasant Bonanza

    Ron Schara heads to Nebraska to experience world class upland hunting at a place called Pheasant Bonanza.

  • Wyoming Upland Slam

    Scott Fransen hunts through Wyoming's mountain terrain and sage flats in search of blue grouse, ruffed grouse, sage grouse & sharp-tailed grouse to complete a Wyoming grouse slam.

  • Tinker Kennels Horseback Hunt

    Travis Frank hunts South Dakota's sharp-tailed grouse with a first time hunter - riding horseback with Tinker Kennels Outfitters across the prairie bluffs of the Missouri River.

  • Duck, Duck, Goose...and Crane

    Jimmy Sites and friends run the boards on duck and geese in Stuttgart, Arkansas and hunt sandhills in East Tennessee.

  • The River

    Karin believes a woman's life is like a river. See a breathtaking look at several women on a first time pheasant hunt in Nebraska, and see where the river of life takes each of them.

  • Redemption in Kansas

    Camryn and Corey are tagged out in Kansas and are waiting for their good friend Bary to show up. Bary wants to redeem himself in the land of Oz.

  • Kansas Hunting - Part 1

    Camryn has a turkey in her sites. She follows up her turkey hunt with an exciting Kansas deer hunt.

  • Women's Weekend Goose Hunt & South Dakota Pheasant

    This week on Outdoor Bound TV. We are at women's weekend in Minnesota. They are going on a goose hunt with MaXXed Out Guides. Then we head to South Dakota and hunt ring-neck pheasants with our friends at the Sioux River Hunt Club.

  • HER

    A global pandemic helps David realize how precious it is to have each and everyday on this earth and to spend it living in one the greatest countries on earth.

  • Pushing the Boundaries

    In this weeks episode the HECS crew pushes the boundaries farther than ever before. We think this is some of the best Hecs footage weve ever put together and its sure to have you glued to your seat. This show is all about up close, in your face action and its all coming up, right here on Hunting ...

  • Fishing the Ice & Bass Fishing the Spring

    Americana Outdoors takes a look at ice fishing in Minnesota. Then well migrate south like a duck and go fishing in the spring on the Texas-Mexico Border at the famous Lake Amistad with Wade Middleton and Jeff Reynolds.

  • The Gift

    No doubt this episode will be one you will remember. Join Stephen Byers on an epic journey of highs and lows with one bird in particular that has bested him throughout the season. Putting others first in hopes they can kill his prize, he waits patiently for his turn. Watch this with the ones you ...

  • Best of...Season 3

  • North Dakota Pheasant