Midwest USA

Midwest USA

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Midwest USA
  • Call the Taxidermist

    The Grigsby is arguably some of the best whitetail hunting in the Midwest. So, when it's shotgun season, everyone grabs a tag, checks their Savage, and gets ready to write a check to the taxidermist, because giant whitetails will hit the ground!

  • World Class Whitetails

    The Grigsby is arguably some of the best whitetail hunting in the Midwest. The guys are hunting hard and shooting some giant bucks!

  • Midwest Cold

    Mike and the crew head to the Midwest in search of giant whitetail bucks.

  • Good Times At Hooville Ranch

    This week on The Ultimate OATH, hosts Gary Bartels and Steve Holden take OATH hero Jimmy Wagner to Wyoming for some antelope, then off to Hooville Ranch in Texas to try their luck at some whitetail.

  • Savage

    It's shotgun season at the Grigsby and everyone is anxious to put a Savage in their hands and chase one of these Illinois giants.

  • Filling the Freezer

    This week the Hitmen crew are putting pork and backstraps on the dinner table.

  • Midwest Come Back

    This week The Bossman, Jeff Elliott is hunting in the Midwest. He has had a rough year, hopefully the Midwest is nice to him.

  • Michigan Bound

    Blaine attempts to catch his first Michigan buck on film. He has some private land to hunt but ends up in the least likely place he could imagine.

  • Double Up / Ice Breaker

    Part 1: Brennen and Dylan capitalize on an early season cold front in North Dakota and punch two tags both in the same evening. Part 2: Ryan and Dylan explore a new deer lease in Wisconsin. As luck would have it the property would produce their first hunting season.

  • Right Place

    We all walk through life wondering if we are in the right place, see how a true Iowa giant whitetail leads Warren and the rest of the family to that answer.

  • Buckeye Bruiser

    Brian Bilinovich heads to Ohio and takes his time waiting for the perfect shot.

  • The Rio's of Kansas

  • Rack Shack

    A hard fought November rut has Brennen on the edge of his seat for his luck to change. It finally does when he gets the change to dive into his go to honey hole.

  • Thief in the Woods

    Today on Deer Tech TV, we've got you covered on what foods to plant for your deer all year long. After that we head to Missouri to learn about a scent company that absolutely blows the competition away with their customer service.

  • The Hupp Experience

    This week we join first timers to the Hupp Experience, Michele Schicker and Kevin Casey, as they see first hand what everyone is talking about. Steve Schicker also joins in on this action packed episode.

  • Bitter Sweet

    After a missed opportunity during bow season, Dylan picks up the rifle in hopes of closing the chapter on a Wisconsin whitetail.

  • Big Heavy

    Kenny Davis and Aaron Zimmerman are hunting big bucks in Ohio with Elite Trophy Outfitters.

  • Good-Luck Buck

    Mid-Western ingenuity, shooting tips from the pros and a bit of Ohio luck with one heck of a buck!

  • The Slam at Rancho Del Rightmyer

    Starting in 2019, then jumping to 2020, Clayton, Michele, Gerry and Steve are looking to slam some deer at their favorite place, Rancho Del Rightmyer.

  • The Kansas Redemption

    The crew are hunting giant bucks in Kansas, and black in mountains of West Virginia.

  • Kansas Hunting - Part 2

    Corey continues the luck in Kansas while hunting for big whitetails.

  • Have Deer? Will Travel

    This week, Gerry Rightmyer is putting some miles on his truck as he travels from Ohio to Kansas in search of big whitetail bucks. With his CP400 in hand he visits Hupp Outfitters and Kansas Big Buck Outfitters.

  • The Miss

    A heartbreaking miss on an Iowa triple drop tine buck leads to an incredible ah-ha moment for David.

  • Velvet Coues Deer and Antelope

    Early season velvet Coues deer hunt in the mountains of Arizona topped off with a trip to Colorado antelope camp with Jim and Jeff from Cirrus Outdoors.