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Midwest USA

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Midwest USA
  • Wisconsin Turkey and Canned Venison

    Pro staffer Lindsey Hayes heads to her family farm in Southern Wisconsin to turkey hunt with her brother, Michael, during the spring turkey season. While she is there she also manages to talk her dad, Gary, into sharing a secret family recipe for canned venison.

  • Turkey Surprise

    This week the Hitmen crew are chasing turkeys! We go from chasing turkeys in the snow, to a surprise threesome, to forgetting the camera!

  • Wisconsin Father and Daughter Hunting

    We're off to Western Wisconsin on a spring turkey hunt with a father, daughter duo that has made it a tradition to hunt together. On this trip they are hoping to get daughter Tanya her first long-beard gobbler, but they take a moment to reminisce back about another adventure from a few years prio...

  • Shockingly Close Turkey Encounters

    This week we jam 8 unbelievably close turkey encounters into one action packed episode! You've never seen turkey hunting like this before so sit back and relax as we go Hunting with HECS.

  • Some "OK" Turkey Hunters

    The Sharp brothers have never really been known for their turkey hunting success. But now, they're showing us just how easy it can be with some hard work and a solid game plan. They say "even a blind squirrel finds a nut" but at what point is it no longer luck?

  • Best Of Season 8

    Join us as we recap the best hunts of season 8.

  • The River

    Karin believes a woman's life is like a river. See a breathtaking look at several women on a first time pheasant hunt in Nebraska, and see where the river of life takes each of them.

  • Conquest of Fur and Feathers

    Jimmy Sites makes the annual pilgrimage to his Arkansas deer camp and has to come up with a strategy to take some meat home.

  • Redemption in Kansas

    Camryn and Corey are tagged out in Kansas and are waiting for their good friend Bary to show up. Bary wants to redeem himself in the land of Oz.

  • Family Traditions

    As hunters we all know how important it is to honor those who came before us and shared their wisdom. As we grow older we stray away from our roots and fail to remember what made us the people we are today. In this episode, Mark Kayser meets up with his son Cole, for their annual thanksgiving hu...

  • Kansas Hunting - Part 1

    Camryn has a turkey in her sites. She follows up her turkey hunt with an exciting Kansas deer hunt.

  • Fitting Right In

    The Eastsiders are back for the second half of the Wisconsin spring turkey season. The boys change up their early season strategies and get aggressive in order to punch their remaining tags for the spring.

  • Turkey Rally

    We always cherish turkey season, especially when the turkeys talk and cooperate!

  • Too Good to Be True

    We kick off season eight by joining Steve and Gerry on a turkey hunt that is well, too good to be true.

  • HER

    A global pandemic helps David realize how precious it is to have each and everyday on this earth and to spend it living in one the greatest countries on earth.

  • Youth Turkey Rally

    A weekend packed full of turkey action with the future of hunting. Congratulations to all of our youth hunters!

  • Pushing the Boundaries

    In this weeks episode the HECS crew pushes the boundaries farther than ever before. We think this is some of the best Hecs footage weve ever put together and its sure to have you glued to your seat. This show is all about up close, in your face action and its all coming up, right here on Hunting ...

  • Midwest Spot and Stalk Turkey

    This week we tag along on some Midwest turkey hunts. When the birds are henned up and nothing is coming to the calls the guys use HECS technology to stalk into range and fill their tags.

  • Youth Turkey Hunt

    To kick off season five, the FWO team has once again hit the woods for their favorite hunt of the season, taking the kids out to chase spring gobblers in the Empire State. Join Matthew Devries, Natalie White and Jason Byers as they match wits against these wary birds and try to put a tag on one t...

  • Pushing the Limits with Turkey and Predators

    This week HECS users push the limits on eastern turkeys and western predators to show just what you can get away with wearing HECS technology.

  • A Spring Fling- Nebraska Style

  • Turkey Action Times Three

  • Hinting the Worlds For Giant Eastern Turkeys!