Marshall Bushcraft

Marshall Bushcraft

2 Episodes

Bushcraft is all about learning and using practical skills to survive & thrive in the great outdoors. These skills help you with the most important things for staying alive in nature, like finding food and clean water, making shelter, and starting fires. Ryan Marshall is here to show you that anyone can learn how to be self-sufficient in the wild. Nature, the ultimate classroom.

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Marshall Bushcraft
  • Thistle Heads as Flash Tinder

    Episode 1

    Ryan Marshall shows you how thistle can be used in several different applications. Learn how thistle heads can be used as flash tinder to start a fire.

  • Birch Bark Oil Extraction

    Episode 2

    Learn how to make birch oil, which is an excellent adhesive, water proofing agent and has been used medicinally, in small quantities, for some skin irritations.