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  • Sickle Lake Summer Adventure

    The MacCarthy 4 spend a week on the paradise waters of the North.

  • Canadian Lake Trout Adventure

    Destination trip to Bakers Narrows in Northern Manitoba. Beautiful place with great lake trout fishing including the opportunity to catch giant fish. We share tips for ice fishing lake trout.

  • Winnipeg Walleye

    Perhaps the very best big walleye destination in the world for ice anglers. Lake Winnipeg routinely produces walleye well over twelve pounds each winter. Jason Mitchell joins Donovan Pearase of Blackwater Cats Outfitters in mid January to showcase the trophy walleye potential. Bone crushing hi...

  • Redemption on Lake Winnipeg

    One of our favorite places to film each winter. Lake Winnipeg is one of the best winter ice fisheries on the planet for walleyes and big walleyes. Home of the Greenbacks!

  • Fishing for lake trout, brook trout, pike and walleye, Elk Island Lodge, Gods Lake, Manitoba

    Join Italo and Arron Shirley as they show you how to use a variety of techniques to catch lake & brook trout, pike & walleye fishing Gods River and Gods Lake.

  • Reed Lake Manitoba: Multi-Species Ice Fishing

    We travel to Reed Lake, Manitoba; mid-way between Snow Lake and Flin Flon for a multi-species mecca on late ice. On this April day, we've got the Beaver Dams rigged with large cisco and toulabi and placed along sunken weed beds, in hopes of bringing trophy pike and lake trout topside. And while...

  • Pike, Bass & Walleye

    Join Italo as he travels to Elk Island Lodge and enjoys fishing for pike, bass and walleye.

  • Lake of the Woods Crappie and PK Lure Wekusko Walleye

    We're off to Lake of the Woods ,Ontario, for an early season ice trip where we focus on panfish in deep water basins. During the cold winter months, panfish tend to migrate to these locations of the lake and with the right presentation & good electronics can be a ton of fun to catch. Then we t...

  • Manitoba Walleye & Burbot Ice Fishing

    This week we make a return trip to Woosey Lake, Manitoba with Outdoor Bound TV pros Bryan, Anna and Lee. We're going to put walleyes topside using glow baits in low light. Once full darkness is upon us, we shift gears to target one of the most over looked, under rated and delicious fish in northe...

  • April Ice Fishing in Manitoba

    Challenging weather and extreme conditions won't stop Greg Toogood from his epic ice fishing adventure in Northern Manitoba.