Line of Sight

Line of Sight

2 Seasons

Line of sight is a realistic, ethical and conservation minded depiction of the sport of hunting. We aim to inspire a stewardship of the unspoiled places that remain in our world. Our goal is to entertain seasoned and novice hunters alike as well as to serve as a call to action. We will provide our viewer with helpful tips through our own experiences in the field by showing them both our triumphs and tribulations. Line of sight will use a Cinematic approach that will compel aspiring outdoors men and women to take to the field in search of their own adventures.

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Line of Sight
  • Black Bear Adventures in Thunder Bay

    Episode 1

    Outdoorsman, Anthony Dickson, embarks on his annual spring black bear hunt, with his friends at Blackbear Adventures in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  • Spring Turkey Twofer

    Episode 2

    Spring is in the air and Anthony is chasing wiley old gobblers.

  • Big Buck Smackdown

    Episode 3

    Anthony chases big bucks in the farm country of Southern Ontario.

  • Yukon Mountain Moose Meca

    Episode 4

    Anthony ventures deep into the Yukon wilderness after moose and grizzly.

  • Turkey Family Introduction

    Episode 5

    Anthony introduces his wife and grandson to the thrill of turkey hunting.

  • Up Close Bucks

    Episode 6

    The hunt is on and Anthony is filling the freezer.

  • Eleventh Hour Antelope

    Episode 7

    Anthony is off to eastern Montana for some hard earned antelope and mule deer.

  • Waterfowl 101

    Episode 8

    Anthony's introduction to waterfowl hunting with St Lawrence Outfitters. Hunting geese over harvested crop fields with Canuck shotguns and Score ammunition. Special guests include Tim Binch of Ducks unlimited and Becky Duesling who will share one of her delicious recipes.

  • Close Range Whitetails

    Episode 9

    Anthony cleanly harvests a big doe with a PSE war hammer crossbow in the early season, then I takes a nice buck at less than 20 yards during the early shotgun hunt to feature the Canuck hunter 3 12g with the pistol grip and the hitting power of the Score slugs.

  • Spring Turkey Smackdown

    Episode 10

    Turkey hunts from 2021 as well as another awesome and cinematic hunt with Anthony and good friend Scott Adams in 2019.

  • Do It Yourself Bruin

    Episode 11

    Anthony ventures to Northern Ontario on a solitary quest for black bear. Armed with his Canuck and Score ammunition he harvests a sneaky boar that attempts to slip in from behind. He catches Anthonys scent on the swirling wind and he has to take him before he ever gets to the bait. Again we are j...

  • Fowl Weather Gobblers

    Episode 12

    Featured are some hard to hunt turkeys, including one rainy day gobbler who comes over the horizon in a down pour. Then we share some enlightening tactical tips to help both the seasoned and novice turkey hunter to get it done.

  • Tag Team Bruins

    Episode 13

    Anthony teams up with Phil O'Dell and Ben Krete of Canuck Shotguns to tackle fall bruins at Black Bear Adventures located at beautiful Dog Lake Resort.

  • Heavy Hitters

    Episode 14

    We recap some of the excitement from past episodes and throw in the heavy hits from past year's hunts. Take a look back at Anthony's hunts in Montana, the Yukon and a host of other locations and exciting game as we wrap up this season!

  • How to Use a Pot Call to Bring in Turkeys

    Episode 99

    Tip: How to Use a Pot Call to Bring in Turkeys