Limitless Outdoors

Limitless Outdoors

16 Episodes

From flying in for Alaskan moose, jet-boating up whitewater rivers after bears, to deep backcountry horseback hunts and everything in between. Join the Limitless Outdoors team as they hunt all over North America and beyond!

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Limitless Outdoors
  • Giant Colorado Muley

    Episode 1

    Justin goes deep into the backcountry of Colorado and turns up 195 mule deer buck solo on horseback.

  • 320" Colorado Backcountry Bull Elk

    Episode 2

    Follow Adam deep into the backcountry of Colorado on the hunt for a tremendous herd bull in Part 2 of our Colorado series!

  • Gnarly Non-typical Colorado Bull: Two Bulls Down!

    Episode 3

    Justin and Colton both harvest great bulls in part 3 of the Colorado series. Justin's is a super special double main beamed bull! Colton gets caught in the middle of a huge herd of elk and makes a clutch play!

  • The Big 3: Giant Backcountry Mule Deer

    Episode 4

    Justin & his daughter hunt deep in the rugged backcountry of Idaho chasing elk and mule deer on horseback DIY. They catch up with a huge 3-point muley and make a clutch play to seal the deal. Come along for the authentic hunting experience.

  • Big Bull Down! Backcountry Elk Hunt

    Episode 5

    After 5 days of hunting, we finally connect with a good 6-point bull and form memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Double Double: Bears and Wolves

    Episode 6

    Justin and Colton double up on black bears and black wolves in a few hours in the backcountry of Idaho!

  • Grizzlies and a Black Bear

    Episode 7

    Adam and Shane have a close call with 5 Grizzly bears and Adam finally connects with a great Black Bear in the high country in September!

  • DIY Giant Alaskan Moose

    Episode 8

    Colton and Justin head to Alaska on an unforgettable moose hunting trip. Facing a typhoon, bugs and bears they find success on a huge Alaskan moose.

  • Idaho Swan and Goose Hunt

    Episode 9

    Join Justin as he takes his first ever swan and a mixed bag of geese and ducks on a unique jump shooting hunt in North Idaho!

  • Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt - Part 1

    Episode 10

    Adam and Justin head deep in the backcountry with horses and harvest two solid bucks! Part 1 of 2.

  • The Blizzard Buck

    Episode 11

    Justin and Adam catch up with a great mulie buck in a blizzard in some nasty country!

  • Bulls and Bucks

    Episode 12

    Adam chases bugling bulls and rutting muleys and connects with both in the rugged mountains of Montana!

  • Epic Solo Bear Hunt

    Episode 13

    Justin goes solo and goes deep in the backcountry and takes an absolute beast of a black bear in sheep country. After getting too far from camp and with dark closing in he decides to stay out and sleep in the bear hide to stay warm. This is an unforgettable up close and personal hunt with a terri...

  • The Real Alaska

    Episode 14

    Justin and Shane hunt moose and black bear in the last great frontier DIY on this unforgettable hunt.

  • Colorado Double Header

    Episode 15

    Justin and Colton double up on two big bull elk on a DIY hunt in Colorado.

  • Tips & Tricks: Call That Will Draw in Wolves

    Episode 99

    Tips & Tricks: This call will draw in wolves.