Land of Whitetail

Land of Whitetail

2 Seasons

A team of hunting and outdoor experts demonstrate how and where to hunt deer, buck hunting strategies, and agricultural practices.

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Land of Whitetail
  • The Benefits of a Bolt Action Rifle

    Episode 99

    Mark Kayser explains all the benefits of a bolt action rifle.

  • Florida Trifecta

    Episode 1

    Dan Schmidt has what could just be, the best hunting day of his career after completing what he calls a Florida trifecta.

  • The October Lockdown

    Episode 2

    Mark Kayser experiences his most difficult Montana hunt yet as he runs into the less common, but painfully real, October Lockdown.

  • Early Season Magnets

    Episode 3

    Brad Fenson is enjoying one of the ultimate combo hunts - pronghorns and whitetails in the rough country that surrounds Devils Tower in Wyoming.

  • Deer of the Foothills

    Episode 4

    Gordy Krahn explores the foothills of the Alberta Rockies There are mulies in those hills, not to mention whitetails.

  • The Importance of Scouting

    Episode 5

    Facing the pressures of other hunters around every corner, Mark Kayser scouts his way to some ultimate Wyoming whitetail success.

  • Blood Trailing Tactics

    Episode 6

    Dan Schmidt goes on an exhausting blood trail just to be reminded at the end of the hunt why he measures his successes in memories.

  • Late Season Muzzloader Whitetails

    Episode 7

    Gordy Krahn has a much-coveted Iowa whitetail tag, which is sort of a Christmas present since this muzzleloader hunt begins on December 26.

  • The Truth About Mock Scrapes

    Episode 8

    Mock scrapes dont solve all the problems when it comes to deer hunting, but they can make a difference.

  • Travel Patterns During the Rut

    Episode 9

    The DDH crew dives deep into the unpredictable travel patterns during the whitetail rut and give advice on how to increase your chances of success.

  • How to Identify & Hunt Whitetail Bedding Areas

    Episode 10

    Can you identify and hunt a whitetail bedding area? Dan Schmidt is in beautiful North East Wyoming hunting pronghorns and whitetail.

  • Grunt, Rattle and Rut

    Episode 11

    Mark Kayser puts his rattling and grunt calling skills to the test as he hunts with Hornady for whitetail in Nebraska.

  • Crossboy Country

    Episode 12

    Brad Fenson has the newest TenPoint crossbow in his hands, and the Oklahoma whitetails are in the crosshairs.

  • Sluggin' it Out

    Episode 13

    Dan Schmidt visits Steve Bartylla in the Golden Triangle of Illinois and has some slug gun fun as he helps Steve in his management efforts.