Kingdom Wild

Kingdom Wild

7 Episodes

Kingdom Wild unites two highly watched lifestyles in North America; Outdoors and Faith. The concept of this series will be to take a pro-athlete, international faith leader, or other celebrity on a special hunt somewhere in Western Canada. While in the wild we film their experience and spend time interviewing each guest with the goal of equipping, empowering, and inspiring people to truly live out their faith with purpose and impact.

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Kingdom Wild
  • Training Camp

    Episode 1

    NFL superstar Antwaan Randle El flies into town to join Landen on an epic moose hunt. But first, he needs to work on his bow skills.

  • Game On

    Episode 2

    NFL star Antwaan Randle El and Landen finally hit the woods. Can they still get their moose even after the weather turns bad?

  • Interception

    Episode 3

    Landen and NFL star Antwaan Randle El split up to double their odds on a moose. The moose are nearby, but so are some massive predators.

  • Field Goal

    Episode 4

    NFL star Antwaan Randle El and Landen continue their moose hunt, but also break out the shotguns to take down some new prey.

  • Get in the Ring

    Episode 5

    UFC ring announcer Joe Martinez joins Landen on a Northern Saskatchewan fishing and hunting trip on North Americas ninth biggest lake.

  • K/O
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Landen and UFC ring announcer Joe Martinez venture out on an icy bear hunt with nothing but a tree stand and a bow.

  • Heavy Weight Title

    Episode 7

    Who will end up with the biggest catch of the day? UFC ring announcer Joe Martinez and Landen continue their Northern Saskatchewan fishing adventure with some surprising moments.