K9 Kris

K9 Kris

3 Seasons

K9 Kris is a deeper look into the dog world and all its diversity, as we follow 20-year canine trainer and behaviorist, Kristi King, on her daily adventures as a trainer, rescuer, and animal enthusiast. King ventures into the world of specialty training, behind the scenes at different rescues, and of course spend lots of time with the critters at her funny farm of over 30 animals, many of which were discarded from previous owners for various reasons. Her love for animals and adventure of all kinds will keep you guessing as to where the next encounter will take you.

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K9 Kris
  • Bites and Heights

    Episode 1

    Meet Kristi King, owner of Kristmatic K9/King K9 and some of the animals at her training/boarding farm. Watch her learn how to take bites from civil protection dogs and face her fears of heights.

  • Civil to Sport

    Episode 2

    Kristi visits the Calgary Farmyard and learns about some barnyard animals. She also learns about the PSA sport and trains with the Rocky Mountain Working Dog Club.

  • Teach and Protect

    Episode 3

    Kristi visits Bandaged Paws, an animal rescue agency in Grande Prairie, and does some on-site training with a client. She also visits two animal-based businesses in Grande Prairie to see what they offer.

  • Dog Psychology

    Episode 4

    Get an inside look at some of the classes that Kristi King teaches at King K9. Learn some good tips and tricks for your own furry friends!

  • Search and Seize

    Episode 5

    Kristi explores drug detection training with the help of Jason Arsenault from Arsenal K9. Jason also gives some tips for training dogs and demonstrates some bite and defense exercises that he teaches.

  • Get to the Chopper!

    Episode 6

    Kristi visits the Peace River SPCA to check out their services and the animals they have. She also takes two of her dogs up in a helicopter and shows how to get a dog to get used to loud, scary new things.